March 07, 2008

  • Tonight honey not online and I wonder what he is doing right now?? I miss him, dunno when he is going to be back ya!!.
  • Today Alor Star raining and I do a photoshoot for my kids. Not too bad tho' as I manage to get few nice shots of them. I realise that I need to practice more with my new lens, learn from error and try it over and over again. Still new in handling the tele lens, might as well overcome the weight of the lens also. I love the 'bokeh' produce by this lens and its sharpness. It's really a SUPER lens!! Love it...
  • My friend SMS me and ask me to shot an event of Diamond's Water Filter-Nancy Sit's sharing, but I have to drive to B. Mertajam by myself on Sunday night. I would like to shot for the event...but, driving alone there is boring. I still haven't give him an answer, will give him a call tomorrow morning~

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