August 30, 2007

My Lovely Niece - Chong Jia Yee

Oh my god...she is so cute. I still remember when she come to stays with me for one week last time. At that time she is just a four month's old baby... how time flies ya! Here is her latest pics... love her always, muaksss !!! ^^


Wow....Malaysia 50th Birthday !

Location: Living room (i'm typing on my laptop)
Weather: very good weather today...not too warm n cloudy ^.^

Yeah, we going to celebrate Merdeka Day tomorrow. Finally we have reach 50 years anniversary and how time flies ya and i'm already 35 yrs old...hehe and i don't think i can wait to see Malaysia celebrate our 100th Birthday at that time i'll be 85 yrs old ald. Oh, that's too old already, will I still be there ???

This morning my sis in law (Fen) called me. She told me she feels some back pain and since she is ald in her last month of pregnancy. I was so excited that she might born a Merdeka Girl....hehe. I told her, must "tahan" till today's midnight oh..hahaha, so exited! I don't how she feels now...excited + happy + nervous + curious...ahh all the mixed feeling...must be strong n brave ya! I'm looking forward to see her newborn...yeee, can't wait! Khen ald sent her to the hospital and i don't know she is going to admit today or tomorrow...just waiting for her call. I wish her safe-delivery. Mother n baby all healthy.

My life has changed from the last few months. Something that had happened can't be changed and life is not the same as before. Anyhow i tried to get back on feet, try not to think too much. Thinking too much will make me suffer.... i just prayed and hope things will get back like it use to be. I hope he has learned his lesson and changed all his bad habit. Hope he learn to think more wisely and be more mature. My life now filled with the things of my 3 kids....they does make me angry and make me laugh too... but they are still my sweetheart. My everything...! Sometime, i do think of get back to work but, for the time being...i still have to take a good care of them.

I really hope by the day of Merdeka 2008... my life would be better. I want to practise more and become a amateur photographer. Ya, that's a way for me to earn some income...which really might help me a lot in the financial side. I will practise to become a pro before i shot for other ppl. I hope my wish will come true. My family and kids are in good health. I have a very long wish list...hahaha..! Hope it will come true one day! I wish all who knows me happy and healthy.

Good luck ! Happy Merdeka Day ! muahxx!!!

June 22, 2007

Hey, I'm Back ! ! !

Friday : Sunny Day ^.^

It's been sometime that I stopped blogging....maybe when we are happy with our life we won't bother to blog. Yes, I'm not feeling that happy nowadays...easily shed tears, I just feel that I'm not as strong as I think. Sometimes I think..., how much I understand him?? Been married for a decade but I felt that I don't really understand him much. He don't know how I wished that I can have more things to share with happiness and sadness but, it seems like this few years we talked less and less...and I started to feels that he is totally out of my world already. We both just like live in different world although we stays under one roof. He got nothing much to talk to me not have to mention to care for me anymore. I don't know what he is doing outside with his group of friends. I don't know who he is going out with. I don't know how is he going on lately. How I always hope I can find back my husband that I knew 10 years ago. We've got so much to talk about, a caring boyfriend and a loving husband. He seems to know our problems but he never try to work out the solutions together. Now I'm really in doubt...., can I carry on my life like this forever alone? Luckily, I still have 3 lovely kids to fill up my lonely beloved parents come to visit me everyday, my lovely sis-in law and my love for photography. I can't imagine my life without them by my side. For now, I just wish my kids are happy and healthy. I hope they'll lead a good life in future...

That's what I always pray for them.

February 14, 2007

Peanut Cookies

CNY coming i've make peanut

Recipe for peanut cookies:
700gm ground peanut
600gm plain flour
350gm icing sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
cooking oil for mixing
1 beaten egg for glazing
Mixed all the above ingredient and add in cooking oil till the dough can stick into small balls. Roll the dough into a size of 10 cent and use the mould to press on top of it and glaze it with the beaten eggs. Baked in the oven with the temperature 175 for 20mins.
Easy right?..
Try and see ~

January 01, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2(",)(",)7 !!!

This my first blog for year 2007. I wish all the best in year 2007, better economy, peaceful and less nature disasters. I hope all of us will be blessed with good luck and good health. Most importantly i hope my kids will grown up safely and healthy. I wish Zhen will get well soon, going to school like other children. Ya~ I hope the relationship between both my dad and mom in law getting better. No more argue, more peaceful...

Tomorrow Alice will be back from Bangkok, maybe tonight is my last night looking after Jia Yi..she is so cute...i will definitely miss her!! Today, I have bought some clothes for Alice's kids...the clothes for baby Jia Yi are just cute. Very small but cute, hope I can see her wearing it. Bought the Sesame's shirt n pant for Zhen. Hope he'll like it and a dress for Jia Xin.

Tomorrow school will reopen. I have to start my work again. LoL~ be a driver sending them to and off school. It's ok...I have got enough rest... LoL~

Emm..wanna sleep now, I'll write more next time.