June 18, 2010

My New Wallet

Yay,... I got myself a new wallet when I go to Alor Star Mall for lunch yesterday. I've been looking for a perfect wallet lately. Actually, I saw some nice one when I visit Hatyai last week but it's too pricey. Stuff in Hatyai now are not that cheap anymore. The wallet I saw cost 2800 baht. It's around RM280+ and for me, it's very expensive. I can use the money to buy myself a nice handbag or some nice dressed already. So, I give up and just forget it. Luckily, I didn't buy the wallet I saw in Hatyai the other day. If not, I will surely regret when I saw the wallet I bought now.

Here is the POLO leather wallet I got for myself for only RM39.60 after big DISCOUNT - cheap or not???? My wallet look sexy right?? and it's in my favourite BLACK colour.
I like it have few compartment inside, easier for me to sort out my things in it. And it's really soft to touch. I can smell it's leather smell, comfirm it's not PVC one...hehe!!
POLO Logo and brand on top of the wallet. Very nice and good quality wallet.
I love the zip colour in bronze, look very elegant. Over all it's one of my BEST purchase in year 2010. Worth the price and all. I will show you my old Bonia wallet in my next post.

Have a nice day!!


Lunch At Alor Star Mall - Wah Tua Guan

Today I didn't cook. I spent my time to do some housework instead. I decided to bring my mother and my 3 kids to Alor Star Mall for some grocery shopping and have our lunch there. My 3 kids, the love to go shopping very much. We prefer window shopping more as I won't simply buy things that I don't really need. Wah Tua Guan Restaurant are quite famous with those who stay in Alor Star. The main restaurant are actually located near Jalan Putra and the one in Alor Star Mall is actually it's branch. I love the environment and the food they selling there. The price are reasonable too.

My son love the fried drumstick sold there.
My youngest daughter and my mum...
My elder daughter, she have fishballs cooked in tomato sauce.
Stop eating to pose for picture...lol ~
Oh gosh...!! School re-open soon and I notice that he must have his haircut already. Too long for Keat Hwa student.

Guess what?? Beside buying some softener for my laundry, MILO & some snacks - junkfood. I got myself a wallet that I have longed for so long. I will post the pics in my next post to show all of u.


爸, 我很想念您!!! 你永远在我心里....我爱您!!!!

Pa, I regret that I don't take it serious when you told me you don't have appetite to eat. All I think is, maybe it's the weather too warm and pa, you don't have the appetite. All the while, you are a healthy man. You are the man that protect me. When I have problems you are always there for me. You helped me in anyway. Life without you will not be the same again. I miss arguing with you over small things. We argue on everything and anything. We just have different opinion and point of view. Pa, you know.... the more we argue each time, the better relationship we have. I miss your laughter, your stories and everything. Especially when I see your favourite sofa in my living room. The sofa that you will always sit there to watch TV , talk to me and end up we arguing with each other. I MISS YOU, PAPA, really missed u so so much!!!

You never complain of any discomfort or pain. You never tell us you are sick and never want to see a DR. Pa, you will always in the bottom of my heart, forever and ever. I'm going to celebrate the Father's Day without my PAPA for the first time this year. Pa, I wish you "Happy Father's Day!!" Please rest in PEACE, we are all doing fine here. Don't worry, ok!

My dear friends, my father passed away on 21th May 2010. Please pray for him!!


Thank you!!