June 27, 2009

It Just Melts.......,

Having ice-cream in Malaysia has so big difference with having it at the countries with 4 season, especially on winter time. No need to rush at all, we can slowly eat the ice-cream and licking on them is like eating lollipop..haha~ In Malaysia, we must order the ice-cream or ice-kacang the last after we finished our meal. If not it will end-up like drinking cold milk or yoghurt ..

Look at this 4 cups of Red Bean -YU YU ICE... it started to melt as soon as we bought it...must eat them faster..

YU YU ICE stalls outside my children's school.

Red Bean flavour shreded ice are our favourite.

Look at her enjoy the ice and her SWEAT!!! lol~

P/S: Don't forget to have some ice-cream on winter time...and u'll see the difference ^.^


You Are The All Time Legend - RIP

I grown up listening to Michael Jackson's song. He is one of the very first western singer that I listen to. Yes, he is the "King Of Pop" forever. MJ, RIP.

Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson

Heal The World - Michael Jackson

I'm touched when listening to this two songs. His songs and dance moves will always remain in our heart for a long long time...


June 15, 2009

So True!!


Coffee Story

For those who love our Malaysia's very own White Coffee, I truly recommend all of you this “黑王”brand White Coffee. Although I'm not a real coffee fan, I sometimes do craved for this coffee once in a while.

2 weeks school mid-term holiday finally ends, so fast ya!!, and yesterday it's the first schooling day for those who stays in Kedah and Kangar. After 2 weeks break I've got use to wake up late and it's pretty tiring for me to wake up at 6am to get the kids ready for school.

I make a cup of White Coffee that morning for breakfast. Tell you frankly, I can't take coffee as it will make me awake for hours. But, since I was tired so I think it will be just fine for me to have a cup to keep me awake. After make the coffee, I forget to drink it in the morning and I only drink it after fetching my kids from school at around 4pm. The nightmares finally come that night, I can't sleep..... I'm really tired but I just cannot sleep...my mind are so fresh awake and my eyes are wide opened. No matter how I tried to sleep, my mind still awake till 4am. I cannot sleep....!!!!! and I wake up few times ... flipped on the old photo album, look back the pictures taken when my son's is still a baby...after flipped over all of the album I still couldn't sleep and I try to find the book that my daughter want but I couldn't find it.

My stomach starts playing drum... omg!!! I'm hungry and I can't sleep with my stomach empty, I got downstairs and make a cup of MILO and ate some crackers "kiam pia" COFFEE!!!!!... I LOVE U & HATE U at the same time. U better kill me now,...I'm so tired and I cannot get to sleep. By the time about 5am, I finally dozed off but guess what??? My alarm will rang at 6am. PLEASE KILL ME!!! I have to wake up at 6am to get my kids ready to school....

When the alarm rang on 6am i just switch it off and then set my hp's alarm to 6.20am... lol
20 minutes also can...and force myself to wake up and wake all my kids up...today I'm a dead body. My kids have to do all the stuff by themselves, while I lay myself on the living room sofa waiting for them to take bath and everything. I didnt make the MILO for them at all...lol

After my kids go to school, I back to sleep till 10am and I still feels sleepy now... COFFEE!!!! I HATE U!! see what u have done to ME??? kns~~~

I will take a nap after this.... so, don't PLAY PLAY with COFFEE okay!!! LESSON LEARNED!


Regards ,