March 23, 2009

My Son Turn 12th

Yesterday 22nd March 2009, my son turn 12 years old. How time flies, 12 yrs ago I gave birth to him. I wish him always as happy as today and stay health.


I bring him to issue his identity card in the morning and after 3 weeks-1 month time, he will have his own IC. He is so excited and happy.

Mocha flavoured birthday cake and the no.12 candle I bought from Tesco.

March 08, 2009

My Car Of Almost 7 yrs

The pass week have been my most unlucky week. My car broke down at the middle of road. While I'm on my way to sent my son lunch box and fetch my kids home. My car CD player just off by it's own and when I tried to on the player back, it's not working. In my mind, I just think that maybe my player had spoilt. But after a while, I felt like my car air-cond are not running, it's the hot air instead of cold air came out. Then the funny ti..ti..ti.. sounds came out.
I drive my car to the side of the road and check out what is going on. Once I off the engine, I cannot start my car again. First thought that I have on my mind is, maybe it's battery failure. That was a very unlucky day for me. At 12 something noon time, it's the warmest time and I tried to call my sister in law but her phone cannot get thru. I try to call few foreman and non of them are free to come to see my car. I end up waiting there for about 3 hrs for a foreman to come to check my car. U know what? My car number plate strikes in Magnum 4D that night and I didnt win a cent because I didn't buy Magnum or Toto..LOL so suey!!
After check and confirm, it's my alternator spoil - the thing that charged my battery and cost me RM850 - a very big angpow wei...but the next day, the problems come again. My air-cond still the same, not cold. Sent to the workshop again and this time they said my engine water have dried up. After add the water, the air-cond become cold again but after I took the car home, the next day I notice that the water in my tank dries up again and my car was over-heat. There is leaking in the water tank. The car was sent to the workshop again.
After 6 yrs, now my car started to the problems... he is hospitalised again and I dunno how much is the bill when I go to collect him. Hopefully it's not a big angpow for me again!