September 14, 2011

Dear, just try your best !!

My elder girl Jou Nin was having her 3 days UPSR exam started from 13th - 15th.  Although she is not as confident as her brother but I do hope that she can try her best.  I know she can make it.. :)  Mommy, wish you Good Luck my dear !!  


September 05, 2011

22 Years Old Friends - 2011 Raya Gathering

How many 20yrs will each of us have in our lifetime?  I think the most would be 4 only, provided we can live till 80yrs old hehe.. This year 4th day of Raya, we (ex-convent girls) have hold the very first gathering at Old Town White Coffee Cafe and fate have bring us back together after so many years, my secondary time classmates & schoolmates that I've all lost contact since we finished our Form 5 in year 1989.

Auww..., time flies, it's been 22 yrs ago since I left my secondary school life and ...

FaceBook have linked us all back together :) how magical & wonderful right??  Although I'm the one & only chinese in the group, but I'm really happy to see all my friends again after all these years.  Memories of my secondary time straight flies back & fresh in my mind.  I'm looking for more gathering in the future & hope more friends will join us.

My dear friends, thank you so much for the gathering. I'm having a great time to be with all of you that day & I really appreciate those precious moments we have together.  Although, we didn't have much time to talk with each and everyone of you at that time (Semua sibuk tangkap gambar & catch up with each other .. )  Sincerely, I'm happy to see u all again !!  Just feels like we've back to teenager days again :))  

I love this picture so much..  Our group photo of the day & ... our SMILE says it all !!  Keep in touch my dear friends .. Cheers!!