January 30, 2010

You Wait For Rain - Kyler England

Nightmare !! ..

One month staying in Hanoi. I got all my battery charged and back to Malaysia full of energy before I starts to work fulltime again...hahaha!! When I was in Hanoi with my kids to visit my hubby, I don't need to do any housework except put all the dirty clothes in the washing machine. Don't have to wake up early and do anything at all. Everyday we just got to try out nice Vietnamese food and we were always invited to some of my hubby's colleage and friends house for dinner. One month, everyday I just eat and sleep, eat and sleep..... and, to my horror when I weight myself only found that I have put on weight .... !!!! 54kg arh... !! I've put on 5 kg ...crazy!!

I was 49kg before I left for Hanoi and now what scared me is, most of my pants cannot be buttoned and I have so big sparetyre around my waist...no more body hugging clothes for me *sob** I have to wear a size bigger now and just buy the loose blouse or shirt to cover my sparetyre. I was surprised that some of my friends don't even notice that.. They don't know I have gain so much weight...hahaha!!! Chinese New Year is approaching and how can I start my diet now??? Not possible right? How ah?? Eat first, and let me become fat piggy first and then only I starts diet or I must start it right now??? ......... NIGHTMARE...NIGHTMARE !!!! help me!

P/S : Hubby back for CNY and he will stays here until when...?? I dunno yet ...!! I plan to make my version of melt in mouth peanut cookies next week. Check out my Cooking Crave blog for the recipes.. tata!!


January 29, 2010

Princess's Birthday ....

Yeah...my princess Jou Nin turn eleventh yesterday. So fast and she is now 11 yrs old. I still remember the time she was born 11 yrs ago when I have my confinement on CNY time. See all the food and cold drinks then I cannot eat them...that's a torture!! hehe...

I want to thank my friend Ai Lee for buy her a nice chocolate birthday cake and bring all her 4 kids over to celebrate Jou Nin's birthday. They sings her a birthday songs and blow the candles together. I was too busy that I can't bring her out for a dinner and all my 3 kids also have tuition classes that night. How can I let them miss the class?? I think I will just bring them out for dinner tonight as 3 of them are free tonight.... deal??
Everyone are so kee poh and wants to blow the candles as well...hahaha look at their expression... they are so happy that day!!! Thanks again Ai Lee ^ . ^ for your wonderful thoughts!
The Chocolate Cake present by Aunty Ai Lee... I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ai Lee and her 4 lovely kids. Thanks for everything !!


Watch Out !!! I'm back....

Dearest friends who notice my dissappearance or who don't even notice my dissappearance ...hehe! I'm BACK !! With lots more stories to share and lots more pictures to show. Please accept my biggest appologies before I starts on anything. Too much things happened, don't worry... I shall said it's good thing not the bad one okay...haha! The main reason I stopped blogging for so long is since I sign up the WiMax service. The connection real sucks till I was at first angry and at last lazy to blog. I takes me like forever to upload my pics into the photobucket, the connection is just too slow. Other thing is, I was so so busy travelling here and there. Preparing all the stuff for my kids, from tuition to school and the most is loads of housework waiting for me to do. I always end up so tired and spent my freetime facebooking and play games in FB. To my friends here, I'm sorry if you really come to my blog here and feels so boring, no updates from me....sorry ya!! I will soon update my blog more interesting stuff and I wish all of you a wonderful weekend...!!

Have a nice day!!