November 26, 2009

Breakfast in Hanoi - Pho Ga

November 20, 2009

7 As Surprised !!

Ya, he surprised me with UPSR - 7A's result. It never came into my mind that my son can score straight A in his exam because he is too weak in his Chinese papers. I couldn't believe it when his teacher called and informed me this morning. He always relaxing at home and never do his revision at all, not even on the week of UPSR exam. He watch dramas and television. It has been a bit tough for him when he was transfer from the second class to the first class this year. He got to work harder to catch up with all the best students in his class. I never force or push him in his studies. I don't want my son to have much pressure in his studies. But his take it easy and no rush attitude in doing things really worried me.

Today apart from the big surprise, he prove to me that he can make it. Yeah!! I want to tell him, Son..mommy is really proud of you!!

p/s: To all the parents out there, always feels proud of our kids no matter what. Every kid are unique and special in their own way, be it in education or talent!!


November 06, 2009

Gosh...I Put On Weight!!

Did you read my post titled "My New Toy"?? Yep, I bought a breadmaker recently and started my bread making adventures. I can say that, I got addicted to bread making and baked buns or bread almost every single day for the first 2 weeks I got the new toy. Glad to tell that, I've improved a lot, now I manage to bake buns or bread like the one sold in the bakery or maybe tastes better. Ehmm, emm... lol~~~ I must says that it's the ingredients I use - fresh & healthy. Where can you get those bread if not baking one yourself right? lame*

While enjoying baking all those lovely buns..I've forget to WATCH OUT my figure. Oh my GOD!! I put on 2KG.... I was unaware of my weight until one day, I tried so hard to button my hot pants..hahaha!!! I wonder is the jeans turn smaller after I wash them, (you know..I always buy cheap hot pants from market, it happened when after first wash the pants colour came off or become 1 or 2 inch smaller). I weight myself and to my horror... I put on weight. I think it's because I've eat too much high calorie -bread and buns lately. I use the best brand butter, milk, honey etc.. etc.. to bake my bread. Huh..!!! that's the reason, too healthy and too much calorie..!!!! The spare-tyre around my waist starts to shows..., DIE !! DIE!!! ..

I can't control myself for not baking any breads, so how ah?? Don't ask me not to eat and just bake it ~ hahaaa!!! Mana boleh tahan!! My life will be total boring if I don't cook or bake.

Friends, please tell me what to do if I'm not in the kitchen cooking or baking??? What you all do to fills up your free time???

Wholegrain Raisins Toast (healthy & yummy)

Peanut Paste Buns (Soft buns with sweet fillings)
Red Bean Swirl Buns (My favourite)
Cheese Topping Buns (Soft & fluffy with cheese on top)
Sausage Buns (My kid's first choice)

Tell me which of the above are your favourite??? How to keep fit...teach me!!

p/s: Just in case you want to put on weight...opps!! no no ... OR I shall said, just in case you like the buns I bake, go and get the RECIPE from my cooking blog.