July 22, 2009

Nice Food ...

Just want to share this with all of you. This foodie pictures have been in my files for quite some time and I just want to share it with all of you.

Fried Squids - crispy and yummy.


Shreded Chicken and "Tau Kua"

Stir Fried Shrimps with Salted Eggs

Curry Fish Head

Ginger & Onion -" Heh Kor Bak"


July 21, 2009

Poor Me !!

Hey friends !! I'm so sorry for the long break I take from updating this BLOG. I just feels that time is chasing after me in which I'm really exhausted but couldn't stopped the time and get myself some break. How I wish I can have a good sleep and rest. I have been busy, my daily routine are fixed.

My day starts at 6am when the alarm I set rang... but, I will still lying on my bed till my mobile alarm rang and that is 6.15am. Cannot lazy anymore, got to wake my 3 monkeys up and got them ready to school. I want my kids to have nutricious breakfast before the left for school. Normally, I will make half-boiled eggs for my son. Prepare the bread for 3 of them, make them MILO or sometimes they will eat the stuff I baked like cakes, muffin or scones for breakfast. My son told me he can safe his pocket money if he take breakfast at home because he won't feel hungry on recess time and he will just stay in his class doing his school work or study. Not bad ya??

After all my 3 kids was at school, I will go to market to get the ingredients I need for our lunch and dinner. Sometimes, I go to the market not for buying vege or meat but to shop for other things - pirated DVDs, buy newspaper, reading magazines or look for new recipe book at the book stall there...hehe, buy fruits, check out the latest fashion clothes, shoes and bags, chit-chatting with some si lai friends~ fuh, really "si lai" right?? lol By 8.30am, normally I will reach home ald. I will then put all the dirty clothes in washing machine to wash. Take the broom and a wet cloth to start sweep floor and wipe all the furniture in my living room. If I'm in the mood, I will start baking cakes or cooking desserts. I will start preparing the ingredients for the lunch around 10am. In between, I will sometime steal sometime to online, to check on my blogs, email or doing some blogroll. I normally will online, watch TV and having my breakfast at the same time. Yeah, doing 3 things at one go, smart or not?? lol

I love cooking and baking, but I hate to do the washing... still, I have to do it..hahaha~ My son will have the school extra-class after school, so I have to sent the lunch box for him and my daughters everyday. My friend will come to pick me up on 1pm for Sunday and Monday. Tuesday - Thursday at 12.30noon I go by myself to school. That's the hottest time and I have to go out, arhh!! How to stay fair? My freckles are getting worst !! I've count, I still have to do this everyday for at least 4 yrs before all my kids are in secondary school. Still long way to go!

Not to mention picking them up after school and sending them to extra curriculum activites and tuition classes. Their activity and tuition just drive me crazy. I can hardly have time to take a nap or go anywhere. Poor me!!

p/s: I do everything all by myself, no helper/maid! Good thing are my 3 kids now more independent and understanding, they will help me out when I really need a helper. Not too bad right?