September 30, 2008

When Can I Be There Again?

It's has been 3 years ago since I last visited Japan. I visit Tokyo and Hokkaido for a one week trip. What I missed most is the fresh seafood in Hokkaido and I do enjoy Japanese food very much. I went there on May when it's Spring time. I can see a lot of tulips & sakura there. I just love Spring Time ~ HAPPY MOOD ! ~

Just to share here my old pictures slide of my trip to JAPAN.


September 29, 2008

Feel So Blessed

Why I'm feeling good?? Actually I was very BUSY last week and this week. But, why I still feeling blessed?. I'm actually feel blessed to have my kids accompany me all the way while my hubby was away working in Hanoi. Since my maid back to Indonesia few months ago my kids have been helping me with various housework. I really feel touched.

Today my son have been helping me cook rice and my youngest daughter help me washing dishes. It really amaze me that my son cook the rice perfectly as I only teaches him once. My daughter are not bad at washing the dishes too. I checked and it's clean.

Besides that, they also helped me to watering the plants, take the dry laundry and wiping the table. They enjoy putting the shoe white on their school shoes very much. My kids had learned to be more indipendent now. Most of the things they have to do it themselves. Not too bad ya!!!
Thank you my dear. Mommy loves you all very much!!


Something Annoying..

This morning I meet with the most annoying receptionist in my life. I thought a receptionist is the one who represent the image of a company to the outsider. Their attitude towards works and people are very important.
My story starts here..., since my friend are busy I've decided to go to her office to collect some things from her. I called her hp and there was no answer. Since, I hv to sent my kids to tuition. I decided just to drop by her office to collect my things from her. When I was there, I call her again and it's the same, no one answering.
I was in front of her office, I don't want to get down from my car and I just call her office to maybe ask her bring the things to me.

When I call the office, .. the receptionist answered :

Lady Voice : Dxxxxxx... (company name)
Me: Can I speak to Ms. XXXXX??
Lady Voice : "NOT IN"....
(phone hung-up >"< ) @#%$&!!!

What's that? at least let me continue talking.. or at least she can say "I'm sorry, she is not in the office yet,.."

Since I hv no chance to talk more.. I decided to call again and this time I'm looking for another worker there "XXX" as my friend told me she will pass the things to him.

Again the same lady answered the call...

Lady Voice: Dxxxxxx (company name)
Me: Can I speak to XXX?
Lady Voice : TOILET
(uh,.. so direct answer >"< )

Me: How do you know he is in toilet?
(I can see the receptionist from my car as I was just in front of the shop's main door)
Lady Voice : He told me just now...
Me : I can see you from my car,.. you are not even look for him
Lady Voice : Wait ah!!! (put down the phone on the table rudely)
and,.. I can hear her shout at her colleage loudly
Lady Voice : WAIT...
Me : Can you please ask him out and talk to me.
Lady Voice : OK.. (hung up)

I didn't hear a word PLEASE in my conversation with her. I write this just to share and there is nothing to do with the Receptionist Lady.



September 20, 2008

Anklet Story

Talking about anklet (kah lian) story. I was browsing JLE Blog and reading her interesting story about anklet. Last time when I was younger my mother bought for me my first anklet when I was 18 years old. That is the year I finished my SPM and heading to further my studies in Penang. I still remember I wore it to my college everyday.

The anklet came with a little bell and wherever I go, everyone will hear my bell's sound..hahaha~ very noisy actually..., but at that time I like the sound so much. Of many types of jewellery anklet is one of my favourite beside earrings.
Nowadays, it's not safe anymore to wear gold in Malaysia. Too many snatch thieves and many ladies started to wear the crystal or silver anklets as replacement. They come out with many different designs and colours which most of it are DIY (handmade) to suit the size of our ankle.
I snapped some pictures of my crystal anklet collection to share with all of you. Please pay attention to the anklet and just ignore my ugly foot ok!!! hehe~

Multi-coloured of white, blue, different shade of greens Swarovski Crystal anklet

Black coloured Swarovski anklet, decorated with mother pearl
Shades of yellow Swarovski anklet

Multi-coloured pearl and transparent glass beads and crystal anklet

Silver and fake diamond anklet
A present given by my sis in law (Aeiween) Thanks!!

September 18, 2008

"Cili Padi" Plant At My Garden

My baby "cili padi" plant now bearing a lotsa "cili padi"s. I love the taste of this light green(white) chillies. It taste extremely "HOT" ~ lol * That's what I love about this "cili padi". We can feel our tongue are burning hot when eating them.

Just cut them and add some soy-sauce. It's nice to have this when we are eating fried mee hoon or for dipping the fried fish & etc..

I took some pictures of my "cili padi" plant today. Enjoy the pics and this how my plants look like. Now there is no more chillies on the plant because I plucked them already.


When Mommy Is A Photographer !

I got a new flash and wanted to try it out. I force my daughter who is having her dinner to pose for me for some shots with the flash and it turns out great. Aren't she is cute ? Making all sorts of funny face for me to shot.

Here you GO !!

Thanks Xinnin for being my model of the day ... hahaha !!


September 12, 2008

I Miss Someone !!!

I admit it's not easy to stay seperately with our loved one. We have to built up the trust and patient. The feelings of missing someone are always there in our heart and we started to treasured each other more. I can't wait for the day we can stay together again.


DIY - Garlic bread

I made this garlic bread myself and my kids love it so so much. It's very easy just spread the garlic spread and butter on the bread and bake it till crispy. It taste real good with a cup of hot coffee.


September 01, 2008

天意 - 劉德華

I listened to this song of Andy Lau (天意 - 劉德華) on TV last few days and feels real touched by it's lyrics. It's a sad song but I love it! It was sang by him year 1994, when he is still new in his singing career.

A meaningful song just to share with all of u ~