September 29, 2008

Feel So Blessed

Why I'm feeling good?? Actually I was very BUSY last week and this week. But, why I still feeling blessed?. I'm actually feel blessed to have my kids accompany me all the way while my hubby was away working in Hanoi. Since my maid back to Indonesia few months ago my kids have been helping me with various housework. I really feel touched.

Today my son have been helping me cook rice and my youngest daughter help me washing dishes. It really amaze me that my son cook the rice perfectly as I only teaches him once. My daughter are not bad at washing the dishes too. I checked and it's clean.

Besides that, they also helped me to watering the plants, take the dry laundry and wiping the table. They enjoy putting the shoe white on their school shoes very much. My kids had learned to be more indipendent now. Most of the things they have to do it themselves. Not too bad ya!!!
Thank you my dear. Mommy loves you all very much!!



jepunlauee said...

I do believe we have to teach our kids when they are still young..and tis is call family education..from mum to kids..
I will soon post one topic connecting to yours in my blog..hehe..


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Jesse Tan said...

Sometimes when our child do something for us is really very touching.

amycheah said...

I feel happy for u to have such a good ah boy and ah gal2.

Kuntong said...

without u, thy wont be so good.
u are the 1 tat make thm a good children. should proud of urself too.
anyway, ur childrens vry hardworking n beautifull..
wat a nice family..