September 20, 2008

Anklet Story

Talking about anklet (kah lian) story. I was browsing JLE Blog and reading her interesting story about anklet. Last time when I was younger my mother bought for me my first anklet when I was 18 years old. That is the year I finished my SPM and heading to further my studies in Penang. I still remember I wore it to my college everyday.

The anklet came with a little bell and wherever I go, everyone will hear my bell's sound..hahaha~ very noisy actually..., but at that time I like the sound so much. Of many types of jewellery anklet is one of my favourite beside earrings.
Nowadays, it's not safe anymore to wear gold in Malaysia. Too many snatch thieves and many ladies started to wear the crystal or silver anklets as replacement. They come out with many different designs and colours which most of it are DIY (handmade) to suit the size of our ankle.
I snapped some pictures of my crystal anklet collection to share with all of you. Please pay attention to the anklet and just ignore my ugly foot ok!!! hehe~

Multi-coloured of white, blue, different shade of greens Swarovski Crystal anklet

Black coloured Swarovski anklet, decorated with mother pearl
Shades of yellow Swarovski anklet

Multi-coloured pearl and transparent glass beads and crystal anklet

Silver and fake diamond anklet
A present given by my sis in law (Aeiween) Thanks!!


jepunlauee said...

Thanks alot for sharing all these nice anklets photos with us..
They are all so beautiful..including your foot...hahaha..

amycheah said...

hey tintin, all the anklets are so nice wo!! but I most prefer the first one followed by the 2nd last. These types is better, no bell sound. I feel that sound irritating leh!!

Farah Deen said...

wow, you sure have a great collection of pretty anklets. I love anklets too, especially with little bells hanging. I am now wearing a gold one, which makes noise whenever I walk, which is cool. :)I love the crystal anklets in the pic. the colours are really pretty.

Kacang Puteh said...

Wah!Tintin!You got so many nice nice anklets ya!Hm...I luf anklets too,remember that i use to gila buying all the indian ankletslah with lots of bells wan last time but too bad i canot get it at here now.Know wht!Now i`m wearing the string type tie wan like the young ppl use to wear it.Hahaaa...i no need to takut that it hilanglah & also cheap and look "cool~"too!Hehehe..rainbow colours!


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Constance Chan said...

i love all your anklets... aiyo now that you and jle talk about them so much, i feel like getting them too...hahaha