September 29, 2008

Something Annoying..

This morning I meet with the most annoying receptionist in my life. I thought a receptionist is the one who represent the image of a company to the outsider. Their attitude towards works and people are very important.
My story starts here..., since my friend are busy I've decided to go to her office to collect some things from her. I called her hp and there was no answer. Since, I hv to sent my kids to tuition. I decided just to drop by her office to collect my things from her. When I was there, I call her again and it's the same, no one answering.
I was in front of her office, I don't want to get down from my car and I just call her office to maybe ask her bring the things to me.

When I call the office, .. the receptionist answered :

Lady Voice : Dxxxxxx... (company name)
Me: Can I speak to Ms. XXXXX??
Lady Voice : "NOT IN"....
(phone hung-up >"< ) @#%$&!!!

What's that? at least let me continue talking.. or at least she can say "I'm sorry, she is not in the office yet,.."

Since I hv no chance to talk more.. I decided to call again and this time I'm looking for another worker there "XXX" as my friend told me she will pass the things to him.

Again the same lady answered the call...

Lady Voice: Dxxxxxx (company name)
Me: Can I speak to XXX?
Lady Voice : TOILET
(uh,.. so direct answer >"< )

Me: How do you know he is in toilet?
(I can see the receptionist from my car as I was just in front of the shop's main door)
Lady Voice : He told me just now...
Me : I can see you from my car,.. you are not even look for him
Lady Voice : Wait ah!!! (put down the phone on the table rudely)
and,.. I can hear her shout at her colleage loudly
Lady Voice : WAIT...
Me : Can you please ask him out and talk to me.
Lady Voice : OK.. (hung up)

I didn't hear a word PLEASE in my conversation with her. I write this just to share and there is nothing to do with the Receptionist Lady.




Kuntong said...

hmmmm...sum ppl are really rude.
anyway, hv a nice day and enjoy the holiday wit ur children ya..

Constance Chan said...

aiyo really bad attitude la. if i were the boss sure i sack her immediately. what if the calls are potential clients how.

jepunlauee said...

adoi..I also get same type of tratment when I was in penang..the receptionist just says"Don't knw la where he go" and then just hangup b4 I could ask further..really TL nia..