September 18, 2008

When Mommy Is A Photographer !

I got a new flash and wanted to try it out. I force my daughter who is having her dinner to pose for me for some shots with the flash and it turns out great. Aren't she is cute ? Making all sorts of funny face for me to shot.

Here you GO !!

Thanks Xinnin for being my model of the day ... hahaha !!



jepunlauee said... very good ler ,all so nice and clear photos..
I loves your daughter'e eyes,so big and cantik..hehe...

TINTIN said...

Thank you...thank you!

Anonymous said...

she is very cute :)

Kinoko Land

beyond said...

Tin Tin, very good exposure and skin tone. NICe! U are getting better!

Eddie Wong said...

hi....nice photo

wat flash are u getting?