February 28, 2009

I Can't Live Without U!!

I think when you guys read the title of my post, the first thing you'll think is...mmm, it must be I miss my hubby and I can't live without him ~LOL - No, no, no...I still can survive a life without my husband besides me. Although it's a bit tough, tired and boring... I still have many things to keep me busy all the time - my kids, photography, baking & cooking. They really occupied most of my precious time, but I really can't live without the internet connection and my laptop.

Try to imagine that, when I on my laptop and the message "Honey, are you there???" pops up on my screen. How sweet...!!! Although my hubby are working overseas but we keep in touch and chat in Yahoo Messenger everyday. If I can't online for a day, it's just like a nightmare to me... I can't browse my favourite webpage, watch movie online, chatting with my friends and update my BLOG... Life would be just like so boring and I will started to miss my hubby then and call him to hear his voice ... hahahaha!!! So, honey you only got the 2nd place in my heart.

Today I'm going to show you all my working place. The place I do all the pictures editting, update my blog, watch movie online and chatting.
My laptop...it's at my living room. I seldom online in my bedroom. When the time I go to my bedroom, it's sleeping time.
Yeah..my keyboard was protected with this rubber keyboard protector. I need this because sometimes my kids will use my laptop to play games while on the other hand they are eating cupcakes...grrr~~

My WiMax's modem. I found WiMax connection are much faster than Steamyx but, sometimes it just got disconnect and I think their line are not stable yet.

The green coloured light there means the connection are good. LOL~ my modem still wrapped in the plastic, I scare dust will get in it..^^

A dictionary always at the side of my laptop, I need it when I see some new words which I dont understand its meaning.

I'm still considering to continue the Streamyx or use this WiMax... Streamyx I only have to pay RM66 per month but this Wi Max it's RM89 per month. What I so syok about WiMax is I don't need to wait that long for a video to download in YouTube. It will play immediately once I open the video...it's fantastic man...very fast connection but sometimes, when it get disconnect for no reason...I got fed up!! LOL~

February 20, 2009

Valentine's Present For Myself

This year Valentine's I don't have a candle light dinner, I don't get any roses, I don't received chocolates and I don't have a Valentine's present as well. All I got is only his voice in the phone wishing me "Honey, Happy Valentine !!" Oh well, it's more than enough for me, for his thought and I'm happy. In order to award myself for being a good wife and mother to my 3 kids ~ LOL!!! I bought this 3 recipes book for myself as my Valentine's present. This 3 books although it's not an expensive gift but I really like it. I'm now into making bread and I found this Bread Code recipes just interesting. When I browse through each and every page of this book. It makes me want to try out all their recipes with the nicely taken pics there. Makes my saliva dripping .... yumm! I also got myself a cheesecake recipes book and one book by Agnes Chang. I'm her fan and I already owned 3 of her previous recipe books. All these will be my good collection of recipe books.
My Valentine's Pressie !

My first ever bread recipe book. I'm still new in baking bread.

Mexico buns - this is my son's fav and I hope to bake for him one day!

I love to see how they decorate the cheesecake in this book.

You never went wrong following her recipe & instruction in her book but sometimes we have to reduce the amount of sugar stated there.

Yep!!! I CAN BAKE ~

P/S: Please visit COOKINGCRAVE to see what I've baked recently. Do leave some comments on what you think about it, ok? ^^


February 17, 2009

First Rain After 3 Months

Rain .... Rain .... It's Raining ~~~ ^ ^

Guess what, it's raining just now (16 Feb - around 8pm) ~ the first rain for the past 3 months. The weather have been too warm, all the plants started to dry up and it even caused several burning here. Due to the dry weather recently, on the 3rd day of CNY the land behind my house with the dried plants & grass are on fire. With the big wind blowing, the fires spreads so fast that at the end 3 fire engines come to put off the fire. When there is some lighting sound yesterday night, I was so happy to see that it started to RAIN, yeah... !!! I hope it will continue raining for few days ~ LOL!

I noticed, we now have brown coloured field instead of green one. I noticed that most of the trees & plants at the roadside have more brown leaves than green leaves. It's have been a very warm and dry season in Alor Star for the past 3 months. No rain at all on this period and the weather are extremely hot and dry. I can see dry leaves everywhere, make me sick of going out to anywhere. How I wish we could have the 4 season here. I prefer the cold weather than the warm one. I don't mind to wear more clothes than to BBQ myself under the hot sun. I hope it'll continue raining, at least let the plants can have some water before it's all dry up.


February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day - 情人节快乐!!!

I think Valentine's Day are not only for the dating couples. It's a day for us to show our appreciation and love with the one we love-family & friends. I missed my hubby so so much as he is now working in Hanoi and not able to be with us to celebrate the Valentine's Day. I didn't request any present from him. I just want him to take care of himself while we are not with him. After living apart, we've learned to appreciated each other more & more. We cherished the moment we can spent together.

Yesterday, I've baked cheesecake for my kids. It's like celebrating the Valentine's Day together in advance. It was my first attempt baking cheesecake and the cake turn out not so good-looking ~ LOL ... It cracks around the side of the cakes, maybe it's because of the temperature of my oven, too high?? But, I've followed the recipes that's 150c. Although the outlook of the cake are not that flattering but, it taste good. The texture of the cake are soft and it's yummy. Most important are my kids love it so much. Each of them ate 2 pieces each....not too bad ya!! hehehe~

My first ever baked cheese cake - Boston Cheese Cake

My daughter Xin Nin posing for me to took her pictures. She is wearing the LOVE shape sunglass that I bought for her from Tokyo Disneyland. She always look pretty in yellow colour and it's her favourite colour too. She likes to help me with the dirty dishes. My good kitchen helper and guess what?? She surprised me with a special Valentine's Gift --- Boys & girls, try to guess what she gave me okay???? ^^

BB, Mommy loves u!

Enjoying the cheesecake...

Posing with the snack I bought for her, she loves to eat!

Posing ala Japanese style~ kawaii !!



New Chapter:

My son Kai Xen. I forced him to pose one pic for me~ hahaha!

My BB "kawaii" sunglass ^^

My elder daughter make this Valentine's Wall Decoration for me. Thank you my dear!

情人节快乐!!!- Happy Valentine's Day Mom and Dad ~

Awwww,,... so "kawaii"

Haha!~ again I forced my elder princess Jou Nin to pose a pic for me.

My pretty princess!

Okay, now is the time for you all to guess my surprise Valentine's gift......from my BB
What is it????
What a 8 yrs old gave me???






Oh well, she gave me 红包... what's inside???


I'm touched!...


February 12, 2009

Vietnamese Wedding 1

On my one month stay in Hanoi, I've attended 2 Vietnamese wedding there. We got the wedding invitation from Miss Nguyen Thuy Dat who is the receptionist at my hubby's office. Her wedding falls on 2nd of December 2008 and she invited us to attend her wedding lunch at her home. Here is the goodies bag and the invitation card that she handed to my hubby. I found it a bit same with our chinese wedding here in Malaysia. With all the red invitation cards, biscuits & sweets...

The wedding goodies bag & invitation card.
The items inside the goodies bag... can u see the mini "buah pinang" & "daun sirih" there??
Chinese tea leaves~
Bean cake - this is nice~
Some sticky glutinous rice cake...too sweet for me.
Some kind of sweets...crispy!
Invitation card - All are written in Vietnamese except the date.

February 11, 2009

Right Turn? Left Turn, OR???

Being a housewife, a mom of 3 primary schooling kids. Do you believe that, apart from doing the housework. Most of my time are spent on sending my kids to and from school & tuition classes. It has become a daily routine for me not only on school days but on weekends too. Both my daughter they attended School Chinese Orchestra Group which are on weekend and 3 of them have to attend tuition on weekend too. That means, I don't even have a day off. ~ (ko lian)
Another matter that annoyed me the most is the road user, especially those who use the motorbikes (not all of them of course) Can you all please put on signal before making any turning???? Right Turn? Left Turn, OR??? Each time when I'm at a junction waiting patiently for my turn, there is always this motorbike that comes really slow and at the end they just make their turning without put on any signal at all. fuh!~~ (pek chek!!)

Brother....., if u put the signal earlier, I shall have make my way home at least 5-10 minutes earlier~ KNS!!!! Oh well,...just be patient, patient, PATIENT!!!

I wish all of you have a nice day!


February 09, 2009

元宵节快乐! ~ Cap Go Meh

Today is the 15th day of CNY already and another 5 days it's Valentine's Day. I don't really celebrating "Cap Go Meh" apart from just pray the Buddha at my house. But, I want to let all of you know that Cap Goh Meh & Valentine's day (both eastern & western's lovers day) real meant a lot to me. WHY????

On 14th February 1995, ... oh Gosh!!! that was 14 years ago. Which the east meet west, both Cap Goh Meh & Valentine's Day falls on the same day, we got registered as husband and wife. We are husband and wife legally and we hold our wedding ceremony a year after that on 4th July 1996.

So, what you all still waiting for????


I want to wish all of you,
元宵节快乐! & HAPPY CAP GO MEH! ~


Yee Sang

On 3rd CNY, we have this Yee Sang at my mother in-law's house. My sister in-law bring 2 boxes of Yee Sang ingredients all the way from KL. To make it taste nicer, they added in some ingredient like pears, spring onions, carrot and canned abalone. All the ingredients were cut into small pieces and arranged in one big tray.

Look how colourful is it...this beautiful tray of Yee Sang was arranged by my brother in-law Ah Kien.
The final look of Yee Sang after the spring onion and canned abalone were add in.
They started to stir & toss the Yee Sang ~
Yeah,..the higher the better for a successful year of ox ahead.
May all our wishes comes true!
and now...it's makan time. Yummy!!! ~

Come on! ... Let's Lo Sang ~


February 07, 2009

Kids Random Shot

Besides the pictures of the Yummy food, I like to snapped pictures of children. I think they are most natural when facing the camera with many different kind of expression ~ happy, naughty, angry...etc~etc~

My niece & nephew - Jia Xin & Zhe Xhe
My princess - Xin Nin (she want to grown back her long hair)
My son & my eldest nephew - Kai Xen & Zhen Tao (playing games together)
This is how Jia Yi look like when she is hot ^ ^
Cute Jia Yi - my niece
Some candid of Jia Yi & my princess - Jou Nin at the background.
I like this shot of Jia Xin. Cute, right?

Dinner at WinWin Lee Restaurant.

My sister in law's family came to visit us on the second day of the Lunar New Year and we bring them to have dinner at this restaurant located near Taman Setia Jaya. This restaurant are operated by a lovely couple of husband and wife - WinWin Lee Restaurant. Their signature dishes there are the "Curry fish head" & "Salted egg prawn". Both are my favourite too.

Deep fried "sotong"...very crispy & yummy!
Sweet & sour "heh kor bak" ~ yummy!!!
Curry fish head - it was cooked using milk instead of coconut milk ~ NICE!!!
Salted egg prawn ... yummy~
Vegetable in oyster sauce
Stir-fried "taukua" with dried squid... ^ ^

All the above dishes are very yummy. Don't miss it when you all visit Alor Star okay!