February 28, 2009

I Can't Live Without U!!

I think when you guys read the title of my post, the first thing you'll think is...mmm, it must be I miss my hubby and I can't live without him ~LOL - No, no, no...I still can survive a life without my husband besides me. Although it's a bit tough, tired and boring... I still have many things to keep me busy all the time - my kids, photography, baking & cooking. They really occupied most of my precious time, but I really can't live without the internet connection and my laptop.

Try to imagine that, when I on my laptop and the message "Honey, are you there???" pops up on my screen. How sweet...!!! Although my hubby are working overseas but we keep in touch and chat in Yahoo Messenger everyday. If I can't online for a day, it's just like a nightmare to me... I can't browse my favourite webpage, watch movie online, chatting with my friends and update my BLOG... Life would be just like so boring and I will started to miss my hubby then and call him to hear his voice ... hahahaha!!! So, honey you only got the 2nd place in my heart.

Today I'm going to show you all my working place. The place I do all the pictures editting, update my blog, watch movie online and chatting.
My laptop...it's at my living room. I seldom online in my bedroom. When the time I go to my bedroom, it's sleeping time.
Yeah..my keyboard was protected with this rubber keyboard protector. I need this because sometimes my kids will use my laptop to play games while on the other hand they are eating cupcakes...grrr~~

My WiMax's modem. I found WiMax connection are much faster than Steamyx but, sometimes it just got disconnect and I think their line are not stable yet.

The green coloured light there means the connection are good. LOL~ my modem still wrapped in the plastic, I scare dust will get in it..^^

A dictionary always at the side of my laptop, I need it when I see some new words which I dont understand its meaning.

I'm still considering to continue the Streamyx or use this WiMax... Streamyx I only have to pay RM66 per month but this Wi Max it's RM89 per month. What I so syok about WiMax is I don't need to wait that long for a video to download in YouTube. It will play immediately once I open the video...it's fantastic man...very fast connection but sometimes, when it get disconnect for no reason...I got fed up!! LOL~


Colin Woon said...

I don't even know what internet is 15 years ago and now it's such an important element of life. When we have internet blackout a few months back, I was totally lost, sitting in the house wondering what I should do, how time have change... :)

Btw, I think you might want to remove the tape on your modem, seems to me the slot that was covered by the tape is for ventilation - to keep modem cool. Heat will probably shorten your modem life more than dust. Good luck!

summer said...

me too~the internet connection is too important for me:) online seems to be the daily activity:)

Agnes said...

Hi Amy,

here is the link to the Cotton Cheesecake i bake recently. I change the lemon to orange coz i dun have lemon at home ...


try bake it and let me know the results

jepunlauee said...

thanks for posting your wimax photos..
Colin Woon isright..you should remove the tape on your modem for better ventilation..

vialentino said...

wah the P1 modem looks nice....

thanks for ur baby advice....yeah...wont buy so much clothes but sometimes hand itchy ler...hehehe

reanaclaire said...

agree with u whole whole heartedly.. haha.. yes, i also cannot LIVE Without my pc.. now in office also must online.. shhhh...