February 09, 2009

Yee Sang

On 3rd CNY, we have this Yee Sang at my mother in-law's house. My sister in-law bring 2 boxes of Yee Sang ingredients all the way from KL. To make it taste nicer, they added in some ingredient like pears, spring onions, carrot and canned abalone. All the ingredients were cut into small pieces and arranged in one big tray.

Look how colourful is it...this beautiful tray of Yee Sang was arranged by my brother in-law Ah Kien.
The final look of Yee Sang after the spring onion and canned abalone were add in.
They started to stir & toss the Yee Sang ~
Yeah,..the higher the better for a successful year of ox ahead.
May all our wishes comes true!
and now...it's makan time. Yummy!!! ~

Come on! ... Let's Lo Sang ~



Kuntong said...

wah...somemore can add 1...
special yee sang..hehe

SockPeng said...

ur yee sang look very special

i like eat yee sang

eugene said...

hi Tin Tin,

Have a wonderful Chap goh mei, and a Chinese Valentine day

i shall be back visiting again for sure, hope you dont mind.

btw, how old are your children now?

take care