February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day - 情人节快乐!!!

I think Valentine's Day are not only for the dating couples. It's a day for us to show our appreciation and love with the one we love-family & friends. I missed my hubby so so much as he is now working in Hanoi and not able to be with us to celebrate the Valentine's Day. I didn't request any present from him. I just want him to take care of himself while we are not with him. After living apart, we've learned to appreciated each other more & more. We cherished the moment we can spent together.

Yesterday, I've baked cheesecake for my kids. It's like celebrating the Valentine's Day together in advance. It was my first attempt baking cheesecake and the cake turn out not so good-looking ~ LOL ... It cracks around the side of the cakes, maybe it's because of the temperature of my oven, too high?? But, I've followed the recipes that's 150c. Although the outlook of the cake are not that flattering but, it taste good. The texture of the cake are soft and it's yummy. Most important are my kids love it so much. Each of them ate 2 pieces each....not too bad ya!! hehehe~

My first ever baked cheese cake - Boston Cheese Cake

My daughter Xin Nin posing for me to took her pictures. She is wearing the LOVE shape sunglass that I bought for her from Tokyo Disneyland. She always look pretty in yellow colour and it's her favourite colour too. She likes to help me with the dirty dishes. My good kitchen helper and guess what?? She surprised me with a special Valentine's Gift --- Boys & girls, try to guess what she gave me okay???? ^^

BB, Mommy loves u!

Enjoying the cheesecake...

Posing with the snack I bought for her, she loves to eat!

Posing ala Japanese style~ kawaii !!



New Chapter:

My son Kai Xen. I forced him to pose one pic for me~ hahaha!

My BB "kawaii" sunglass ^^

My elder daughter make this Valentine's Wall Decoration for me. Thank you my dear!

情人节快乐!!!- Happy Valentine's Day Mom and Dad ~

Awwww,,... so "kawaii"

Haha!~ again I forced my elder princess Jou Nin to pose a pic for me.

My pretty princess!

Okay, now is the time for you all to guess my surprise Valentine's gift......from my BB
What is it????
What a 8 yrs old gave me???






Oh well, she gave me 红包... what's inside???


I'm touched!...



Constance Chan said...

wow your kids are sooo wonderful and kind hearted. they do love their mom alot.. hahaha so funny you get red packet from your 8 yr old.. but they are very creative and good kids!

your cheesecake look yummy.. post the recipe for me to try?

vialentino said...

wow....u baked that boston cheese cake...share the recipe leh....i salute u ler...u r good in baking...

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Walau! Your boy boy so 'footloh' generous wan leh!Hahaha!

Like I said before, you have a bunch of wonderful kids there!

Johnny Ong said...

u have good kids there who care for u and hubby

summer said...

hi , your kids are so cute:)
You may get the lovely background here:http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/

Dee said...

Hi! I came from Clarissa's blog. You've got really beautiful kids. Cute and sweet! :D