February 17, 2009

First Rain After 3 Months

Rain .... Rain .... It's Raining ~~~ ^ ^

Guess what, it's raining just now (16 Feb - around 8pm) ~ the first rain for the past 3 months. The weather have been too warm, all the plants started to dry up and it even caused several burning here. Due to the dry weather recently, on the 3rd day of CNY the land behind my house with the dried plants & grass are on fire. With the big wind blowing, the fires spreads so fast that at the end 3 fire engines come to put off the fire. When there is some lighting sound yesterday night, I was so happy to see that it started to RAIN, yeah... !!! I hope it will continue raining for few days ~ LOL!

I noticed, we now have brown coloured field instead of green one. I noticed that most of the trees & plants at the roadside have more brown leaves than green leaves. It's have been a very warm and dry season in Alor Star for the past 3 months. No rain at all on this period and the weather are extremely hot and dry. I can see dry leaves everywhere, make me sick of going out to anywhere. How I wish we could have the 4 season here. I prefer the cold weather than the warm one. I don't mind to wear more clothes than to BBQ myself under the hot sun. I hope it'll continue raining, at least let the plants can have some water before it's all dry up.



reanaclaire said...

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Josephine said...

It is really hot lately!
Falling sick as well.

Merryn said...

oh no... fire behind ur house.. dat's terrible.. lucky for the rain... rain rain again! :)

Dee said...

Yeah, when it's really hot, bush fires does occur. Good thing there's rain now. :)