January 31, 2008

I GOT FLU ~ sienz *.*

Weather : very bright sun, very hot!
Mood : sick, got flu...feels sleepy ~

After my youngest daughter & my son got flu. Now it's my turn..., I got FLU and I hate it...! I think my son had passed the virus to me and now I'm sneezing non-stop with running nose and tears even came out from my eyes. I wonder if someone miss me so much ??? Why I keep on sneezing? Now, it's really hot. I can't stand the weather out there,..it's burning hot but, I still have to go out to sent and fetch my kids from school. If I can choose.., I don't wanna to go out at all. The sun is really killing me ...huh..!!!

CNY is approaching..., oh gosh~ I still have a long list of things to do. Time is always not enough for me ... haihz!


January 30, 2008

T-BOWL -Toilet Concept Restaurant Opening In Queensbay Mall

T-bowl - the toilet bowl concept restaurant will be opening at Queensbay Mall Penang on this coming February 18th. The brand new restaurant is located next to Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) at 3rd floor. Now, take a look at the creative interior design, as well as the special design and custom made dining tables and chairs. For your information, there'll be 10% grand opening promotional discount which is only valid for normal price items, until April 18th, 2008

This is definitely a nice place to hang out with family and friends. I'll write more about the place and their food after I have visited it.


January 28, 2008

Dinner At Pizza Hut

My elder daughter turn 9 today. As usual she attended school from 1.05pm till 6.30pm and I called Aei Ween (my lovely sis in-law) for dinner at Pizza Hut today. My father in-law comes along too, Aei Ween, Cha Kiang ~ Ween's bf, my 3 kids and myself. We enjoyed the pizza and have a great time there. I can see my 3 kids are enjoying themselves so much... We had great time together ^ ^

she likes spagetti a lot *
Xin Nin enjoying her food *
mmm... nicee !
ah!..come on, let's eat !
hawaiian chicken pizza - my kid's fav *
yummy chicken wings *
Jou Nin's birthday cake - present from Aei Ween *
"Happy Birthday Girl"


Today is my princess, Jou Nin's birthday. I want her to know that,
I love her !



January 27, 2008

Need A Photographer?

Anyone need a photographer? I'm a freelance photographer based in Alor Setar and enjoying every moment of it as I'm able to combine my love for photography with work.

I provided outdoor model, pre-wedding shot and kids photography. Please feel free to leave me a message here, email me at tintin2828@yahoo.com or call me at +6012-4093377

" A Picture Says A Thousand Words"
let's captured it now !

January 26, 2008


I miss Japan. It's been almost 3 years since I visit Japan. I visited Hokkaido and Tokyo on May 2005. Hokkaido is an island on the northern part of Japan and it's very famous place for skiing on winter time. I went there on Spring season and was unable for me to experience the skiing fun there. Most of the people in Hokkaido are fishermen. They catch and selling fish. You'll get very fresh fish at the wet market there.

oh my,,..it's big big CRAB
at one of the stalls selling crabs
Hokkaido wet market
salted salmon fish
Big CRAB . . .
My whole crab lunch - I miss this so much !!
cute japanese waitress
it's expensive if convert to RM...
Hokkaido Crab ..

Ready For Love by Kelly Sweet

When love calls your name

And whispers you're the one

When all you've ever dreamed

Dances like stars around your heart

And finally I hold the chance

To give you all my love

So whats keeping me

Away from holding you

I'm ready to believe

Be strong enough

Give everything I am

And trust in love

My arms long to reach for you

The way I feel I wish you knew

I'm ready now, I'm ready to believe

Ooh, I'm ready for love

Only once, you will find

A love that is so true

And the way I think of you

You can't imagine how beautiful it feels

I must find a way to speak

This secret I hold near

Its these words

You need to hear

I'm ready to believe

Be strong enough

Give everything I am

And trust in love

My arms long to reach for you

The way I feel I wish you knew

I'm ready now, I'm ready to believe


I know with you I could stay forever

Sailing into grace

Here all things are possible

There's no time or space

When I feel you near

I'm ready to believe

Be strong enough

Give everything

And trust in love

My arms long to reach for you

The way I feel I wish you knew

I'm ready now, I'm ready to believe

Ooh, Ooh

Favourite Thaipusam Shot By Melvin Foo

This year again I missed the Thaipusam event and I got to wait next year Thaipusam. I simply like the pictures captured by Melvin. His shots are fantastic with great PP work . . . I love it so much!

Here goes the pics to share - photographed by MelvinFoo

Melvin has done a very good coverage of this Thaipusam event. For more story & pictures captured by him, please click here.

January 25, 2008

Leng Lui ~

~ It's been long time since I last visit my Friendster (a friend-link that i created long . . ago ~ hehe !) after link, link and link I found a cute and pretty face that very familiar to me . . . oh, she is my husband ex-employee,..lolx. Straight in my mind at that time, I want her to model for me. I leave message ask her to add me on MSN and we chatted the next day. She agree to be my model. Since Sunday is a public holiday for Kedah state, it's Kedah Sultan's 80th Birthday and we just fixed the photoshot on Sunday -20 Jan 2008.

Guess what? I manage to get few nice shot that day and she like the pictures I took for her very much. I'm happy that she like it and would like to thank her for being such a good model. She is very leng lui and very natural in front of camera too ! ^ ^


Heath Ledger 1979 - 2008

Heath Ledger: Fallen Star

With his fearless role in the Oscar-winning ''Brokeback Mountain,'' the Aussie actor became far more than just a pretty face. Now with his untimely death, a career — and life — ends too soonHeath Ledger: Fallen Star With his fearless role in the Oscar-winning ''Brokeback Mountain,'' the Aussie actor became far more than just a pretty face. Now with his untimely death, a career — and life — ends too soon

by Josh Rottenberg

In the spring of 2001, Heath Ledger sat at the bar in New York City's Regency Hotel, perched on the precipice of a kind of fame he wasn't sure he wanted. The 22-year-old Australian actor was about to appear in his first leading role in a Hollywood summer tentpole, a splashy rock & roll jousting movie called A Knight's Tale, and the newfound attention seemed to make him uncomfortable. As he spoke with a reporter for this magazine, he chain-smoked Camel Lights, fidgeted, and doodled with crayons on cocktail napkins, pressing so hard that the paper ripped. He said that the first time he'd seen his image on the movie's poster, wearing full medieval armor and a hard stare, he felt so nervous he shook. Out in Hollywood, many were busily mapping out his future for him: big-dollar paydays, hordes of screaming fans trailing his every move, spandex-clad-superhero roles. In fact, he had already been offered the starring role in the newly launched Spider-Man franchise and turned it down. (''I just don't care for comics,'' he said matter-of-factly. ''It would have been stealing someone else's dream.'') In the face of all of Hollywood's promises and pressures, Ledger seemed to have his eyes on something more ethereal and indefinable. ''I'm on a f---ing journey,'' he said. ''I'm on a walkabout. A lot of people think ambition or success, and they think dollars.... My success is getting underneath that. At the f---ing end of the day, that's the only thing you're going to carry with you when you die.''

Tragically, that journey ended on the afternoon of Jan. 22, when the actor was found dead at age 28 in his rented apartment in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood. Ledger was discovered naked in his bed by a housekeeper and a masseuse who had arrived for a regular appointment, a package of ''prescription-type'' sleeping pills nearby. (In a New York Times interview last November, Ledger had complained of having difficulty sleeping due to stress, to the point where a double dose of Ambien would only buy him an hour of rest.) There were no illegal drugs in the apartment, chief police spokesman Paul J. Browne reported, no evidence of foul play, and no initial indication of suicide. Pending an autopsy, it was unclear at press time what caused his death and whether prescription medications played a role.

The tragedy struck in the midst of an already hectic day in the entertainment industry, as Hollywood reacted to the morning's announcement of the Oscar nominations and the latest buzz emanating from Sundance. But word spread with lightning speed via cell phones and BlackBerries, and in nearly every case was met with disbelief. One high-ranking studio exec, after receiving an e-mail stating that Ledger was dead, quickly wrote back: ''What — you mean his career?'' Charlize Theron learned the news while walking a red carpet at Sundance.

Josh Hartnett was blindsided at a Sundance Q&A by a question about Ledger's death; he struggled to answer even as the crowd jeered the man who had asked it. The passing of an actor in his prime — he earned his first Oscar nomination at age 26 for Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain and was just months away from reinventing the Joker in the highly anticipated Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight — seemed too shocking to absorb at first, while at the same time painfully familiar. Within minutes of the story breaking, some 300 entertainment reporters, cameramen, photographers, and fans began to descend on Ledger's building, creating a tableau that resembled a grisly perversion of a movie premiere. Bystanders snapped photos on cellphones and paparazzi climbed the fire escape of the building across the street hoping for shots into Ledger's fourth-floor loft. ''It's crazy — he was so young,'' said one stunned observer.



Who Is My Boss?


My MOMMY is his BOSS

But I am their BOSS

I bought this t-shirt when I was in Banff, Canada.

Ya, I have to agree with the phrase that she is our BOSS


K-Link Health Products

I have come to realise that having a good health is really important. Beside a healthy lifestyles and healthy food. I was very lucky to be in the big family of K-Link International which exposed me to different kind of health problems faced by many people and quality health products.
I think we do need some health supplements too and I want to share with all my friends, some of the K-Link products that i take and found it really good. It helps to keep our body immune and prevent us from getting sick ^^
K-OsteoCal - Seaweed Calcium Blend with Soy Protein

K-OsteoCal contains a blend of organic seaweed calcium, multivitamins and multiminerals.

Why K-OsteoCal Seaweed Calcium?
High in calcium and magnesium. Calcium aids in the development of strong bones and teeth. Magnesium promotes calcium absorption and retention.
High in Vitamin A, Thamine (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (B2), Cyanocobalamin (B12) Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Vitamin A aids in maintaining the health of mucous membrane and is essential for the functioning of the eye. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), is needed for release of energy from carbohydrates.
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) is needed for the red blood cell production. Vitamin C contributes to the absorption of iron from food. Vitamin D helps the body utilize calcium and phosphorus and is necessary for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin E protects the fat in the body tissues from oxidation.

After giving birth to 3 kids i found that my teeth, hair and fingernails are not as healthy as before. I have bleeding gum too and my fingernails tend to be soft and crack easily. So, I try this K-OsteoCal and now I have stronger fingernails and my gum stopped bleeding.

Organic K-BioGreen

Organic K-BioGreen is an organic food that is specially selected from 58 unique types of ingredients such as beans, grains, vegetables, seaweed, bifido-bacteria and food enzyme that play important roles in the human body to cleanse and detoxify, to rejuvenate, to restore the healthy functions of the vital organs, and to build immunity.
The Organic K-BioGreen is a "well balanced" nutritious food powder with no additives and non-genetically modified, which is certified as organic by the AgriQuality in New Zealand. Organic K-BioGreen does not contain any artificial flavours, colouring, antibiotic residues, growth promoters and preservatives.

Organic K-BioGreen, . . whenever i feel i want to on diet, i will take this. Organic K-BioGreen can make me feel full all the time. Ya, anyone with constipation. . . i highly recommend this product to them. As it contains abundant fibre, you may encounter loose bowel movement.


K-AQUALIFE Hydrogen Aqua Stick, was developed after many years of research in Japan. It is a ground-breaking product that allows you to make hydrogen-rich drinking water easily anywhere, at your convenience. Hydrogen water is very effective in eliminating active oxygen, which is considered to be the cause of ageing and many kinds of diseases.

K-AQUALIFE Hydrogen Aqua Stick conforms to official water quality standards in Japan for tap water. The resin used for the K-AQUALIFE Hydrogen Aqua Stick also conforms to food packaging standards in Japan.

It's very easy to use. Just place the K-AQUALIFE Hydrogen Aqua Stick into our drinking water (no other such as juice and tea - this can increase deterioration of the stick and cause abnormal odour) I can feel the water taste better, smoother and taste better . . .
nothing compares to the quality water we drink everyday !

K-ENERGY Power Oil is formulated for temporary relief of joint and muscular pains, backache, stiff neck, cramps and minor sprains. Pour a few drops onto the skin of the affected area of the body, no massaging is required. Do not apply onto wounds or damaged skins.
* I found this oil to be wonderful. It really relieves all kind of pains like stomach discomfort, backache, mosquitoes bites...etc~

I will share more products when I'm free ! ! !


I Like This Picture by Wee Hiang Her

I have always admire the wildlife pictures taken with the long long lens. I salute to all the wildlife sifo out there for their effort and patient. Waiting for few hours only to capture few shots or sometimes no shots at all . . .

One of my favourite wildlife is the wild ducks. I hope I could snap the pics of wild duck at least once in my lifetime . . . . keke ~
Picture above courtesy of Wee Hiang Her taken with 600mm+1.4tc

13 January 2008

My brother EK shot this for me with his new toy 50mm f1.4 lens
My brother took this pic with his new toy . . . 50mm 1.4, uh,..huh...can see the bokeh "kao kao"

My lovely princess Xin Nin. She is in Std 1 already... how time flies ya !

My sister in law, Muy Imm and me *

"You don't stop laughing because you grow old.
You grow old because you stop laughing" - Michael Pritchard


Superman - Ronan Keating


sang by Ronan Keating

album : Bring You Home

I've been heading in the wrong direction
Hiding from my own protection
Running but my heart was standing still
I guess you saw the light inside me
Your love has been a torch to guide me
I hope I can be all that you deserve.
Well I'm no Superman
But I'll love you the best I can
And you know I'm just flesh and bones
But with you I feel I'm flying
Don't you know I'm no Superman
But I always be your man
I was searching for a heart that's beating
As fast as the way I'm feeling
Trying to find some peace there in my soul
You know it was your love that saved me
The answer to my prayers you gave me
And I hope I'll be all that you deserve.
Well I'm no Superman
But I'll love you the best I can
And you know I'm just flesh and bones
But with you I feel I'm flying
Don't you know I'm no Superman
But I always be your man
I'd fight for you
I'd die for you
You know I would, yeah
Hold back the night
Light up the sky
Oh if I could
I'm no Superman
But I'll love you the best I can
And you know I'm just flesh and bones
But with you I feel I'm flying... flying
Don't you know I'm no Superman
But I always be your man
I'll always be your man
I'll always be your man

- special thanks to JasonW for sharing this song

Soap Carving - Chiangmai, Thailand

Chiangmai, Thailand is a land of handicraft. Most of the people living there are mainly farmers and part of the women there they work on handicraft, to be sell at their night market to the tourist from all over the world and to be export overseas.

When I was there on November, I saw this interesting handicraft at their night market. That's this soap craving. The soap are nicely craft into different types of flowers and coloured. They put the finished crafted flower soap inside the handmade painted wooden box. Anyone of you can guess how much does it cost?? Here is some pictures to share with all of you..

This is only RM12
Do you believe the flowers are made from soap?

busy doing his soap carving ...

the small one with one flower only RM7

Don't forget to get one home when you visit Chiangmai