January 31, 2008

I GOT FLU ~ sienz *.*

Weather : very bright sun, very hot!
Mood : sick, got flu...feels sleepy ~

After my youngest daughter & my son got flu. Now it's my turn..., I got FLU and I hate it...! I think my son had passed the virus to me and now I'm sneezing non-stop with running nose and tears even came out from my eyes. I wonder if someone miss me so much ??? Why I keep on sneezing? Now, it's really hot. I can't stand the weather out there,..it's burning hot but, I still have to go out to sent and fetch my kids from school. If I can choose.., I don't wanna to go out at all. The sun is really killing me ...huh..!!!

CNY is approaching..., oh gosh~ I still have a long list of things to do. Time is always not enough for me ... haihz!


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