February 01, 2008

One Week To CNY ~

  • To Do List Before CNY :

    Clean my bedroom, clear my wardrobe & change my bed-sheet. -done-
    Make peanut cookies. -done-
    Remove and wash all the sofa and cushion covers. -done-
    Rearrange the plants in my garden and wash the floor. -done-
    Wash my car. -done-
    Trimmed my son's hair. -done-
    Buy new clothes for my son. -done-
    Bath my doggie. -done- (I cut it's hair as well)
    Change the aquarium's water. -done-
    Clean my fridge and kitchen. -done-
    Buy flowers for prayers. -done-
    Buy fruits for prayers. -done-
    Bake a cake. (not baking - too busy)
    Clean the bathrooms and toilets. -done-
    Paint my fingernails..hehe~


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