February 21, 2008

The Princess of Ballet

Ever since I was younger, I really admired girls that being able to dance ballet. I found it very feminine, very elegant and very sexy. But in my younger age, my family are poor...so, I missed the chance to learn this myself and now I put both my princess in ballet class...hehe ~

Here is some file pictures taken by my brother EK last year;

My youngest princess Loo Xin Nin. Will she be a future ballerina??? LOL*

1 comment:

Yun-Sheng said...

Hollo, The little girl is so cute. And looks very happy~I love this pics.
May I post this pics in my blog? thank you~
你好, 這些照片好棒喔~妹妹很可愛,穿上TUTU很漂亮呢!