February 06, 2008

CNY Gift For Kids

Every year like Christmas, I'll prepare the CNY gift for kids. Beside the "angpow" they'll get a packet consist of chocolates and sweets from me. I like to see the smile on their face when they receive the gift from me. This year, I packed the gift using this colourful piramid boxes which I bought from a Gift Shop at Pacific Shopping Mall. Here you GO ->>

this boxes look like a fan ^.^
this is how it looks like after I fill in the chocolates and sweets
The gift box consist of kids fav. mini mentos, sugus and chocolates*
Colourful gift boxes are ready to be given out to the kids on CNY ~
My kids also looking forward to get their box on CNY day. I hope the kids will like it and will be happy when receive this from me ... hehe ~

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