February 29, 2008

  • Today rain again. It's been raining non-stop from yesterday morning, very cold...and Alor Star traffic-jam. I hate that the most...raining and jammed. Then came the rude drivers, simply cut Q and don't follow the traffic rules. The lane that should go straight but they turn instead, not stopped when the light turn RED...very dangerous leh!
  • I'm not feeling well today. When I wake up this morning, I feels pain near my right shoulder mmm, between my neck and shoulder. I can't turn my head to the right...when I did, it's very pain. I dunno why and how this happen? I chat with my hubby @ Skype and he asked me to take Panadol but it's the same, it doesn't help. My father bring me medicine just now, I have take it and I really hope it'll get better tomorrow.
  • Arhh..pain arrr ~ HELP ME!! Today no mood for everything!

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