February 06, 2008

Shoes For My Kids

I haven't buy shoes for my kids for ages. All their slippers and shoe are worn and dirty. My youngest daughter have been nagging me to buy her a shoe all the time.

Yesterday I bring her to the shopping mall and I ask her to choose the shoes she like. I bring her to the Cartoon World Outlet and there she finally spotted a pair of Minnie Mouse sandal. emm,.. No matter what I choose for her and ask her to try on, she still like the sandal she choose for herself. When I first lay my eyes on the sandal, I was like; "uh..aren't this look very 'AUNTIE'..??" But, she likes it very much, so I just bought it for her and she is very happy with it. I also bought a pair of similar one for my elder daughter too and a pair of Mickey sandal for my son as well(must be fair right?) That's why I always said, 3 is more than enough,...hehe~

Yes, before we go to the Cartoon World, I have choose this 2 pair of Kiki Lala sandals too, since the girl had write the receipt and the shoes are at the counter. I just pay it and end up...my girls have 2 pair each for this CNY. I can see they are really happy...it's very natural that girls love to dress up and look pretty and I'm happy too.

My elder princess Jou Nin's Minnie sandal
*cute sandal ~ I like the big ribbon on it*My younger princess Xin Nin's sandal
- this sandal got lovely flower on it*
Xin Nin's fav Minnie sandal, she choose this herself~
*Cute Minnie cartoon on the sole of the sandal*
My son Kai Xen's Mickey sandal
I love it's design and it look nice on him ^^
*Back view of the sandal*
Kiki Lala sandal for Jou Nin ~
*This sandal look nice on her & I like the design too*

They can't wait till tomorrow to wear them. I'm sure they will look super duper COOL wearing these shoes with their new clothes tomorrow ^^

Gong Xi Fa Cai !


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