February 10, 2008

Edison Scandal

OMG, yet another sex scandal. This time it’s the innocent girl-next-door look, Gillian Chung and playboy Edison Chen. Another New Year surprise - Chinese New Year surprise versus Dr Chua’s New Year surprise!

For those who haven't heard, someone sold some compromising photos to the press... basically Edison Chen and some notable female stars engaging in compromising acts... wow, that was NOT a good idea....

Much legal action is taking place... I won't post anything for the sake of the actresses involved... Note to all stars - don't leave any sex act photos or videos on your cell phone or digital camera! (and maybe take the drunken party ones out too for good measure!)

Actually a good idea for everyone, including non-celebs... especially considering how easy it is to lose a cell phone or small digital camera. You never know who might find it and look through.

UPDATE: here's a good english article about the controversy and response from the companies involved:http://batgwa.com/story.php?id=544

UPDATE 2: oh god, there's more! its obvious these are captures from a video... i'm sure it'll be coming out sooner or later. just a matter of waiting for the other shoe to drop. :-(

UPDATE 3 (2/1/08): There have been more released in the past few days since I originally posted this, including 'solo' pictures of a third very well known actress in various explicit poses.

Apparently the consensus is that someone probably copied the photos off of Edison's hard drive while he was getting his computer repaired and using overseas sites to distribute them, he or she has made it somewhat hard to trace and definitely impossible to eradicate.

In the last few days this stuff has completely taken over the news stands (particularly the weekly rags). Originally there was a fear that more actresses would be included in the 'scandal', some magazines put out covers with lots of names and pictures of all the famous Hong Kong actresses/singers who have been 'linked' to Edison over the years, speculating that they may be the next... the list was in double digits. But so far only its been limited from three to the latest now six, huh! ....and I'm sure the number will increase, who's the next??

Though many claim that it’s a hoax. But I doubt it. They look very real to me !

There are a LOT of parody photos have been floating around the net too, fake advertisements for Ah Kiu's abalone (阿嬌鮑魚) & Edison's sausage (冠希臘肠)...this is funny, lol~


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