February 29, 2008


Dunno what to Blog...lol~ I like to travel and have been to quite a number of countries around the world. Of all the countries I hv visited, I hope I can visit Japan again in future.

Umm,..I'm not Hello Kitty fans but,..you can see Hello Kitty everywhere in Japan. They have different design of Kitty there. So, if you are Hello Kitty collector..Japan is a place you must visit and bring more money ya!!

Can see the tulips everywhere in Hokkaido city & the tower in the pic are Hokkaido's Tower

Hello Kitty with dried lavender inside...very nice lavender scent Hello Kitty, very special right??

Different types of beer selling there...

Most of us know "PANDA" right??? but,..have you all seen "DANPA"?? This cute soft toys are Danpa instead of Panda..

Hokkaido's famous clock tower. Most tourist will visit this!!

Cute and expensive music box ^^

Some shot at the road opposite the clock tower...

Music doll.

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