February 12, 2008

Friends That I Most Treasured

Date : 11 Feb 2008 (5th day of CNY)
Location : Gurney Plaza - Coffee Bean Cafe

Ever think of how many 10 years will we live in the journey of our life??? If we are long life, maybe 6, 7 or 8? But, we won't know what's going to happen the next hour, minutes or seconds...we just don't know what's going to happen to us in a blink of eye, right? It's not easy to grown a friendship that is more than 10 yrs and I really feel blessed and do treasure it a lot.

Most of us now are busy with our own life and don't even have the opportunity to meet and have fun like we use to be. But,..you are always in my heart and in my prayers. I do miss the time we have together and treasured the time we had together. I hope we will remain like this for more 10 years to come, share our laughter, tears and secret together. My dear friends, without you...my life won't be as colourful as now.

Thanks for being my wonderful friends... "I Love You All" and wish you all have a happy life forever ! ~


Wendy & her sweetheart - TOM (Nice to meet you!)

Tom*Wendy*Linda (you guys pose so well ...)

Wendy, I love your expression here ..^^

Love her pose in this pic, look like a model*

Forever sweet Linda ~

Aitty look sleepy in this pic...hehe~

when a handsome guy posing.... . . .*

Aitty & Chan Lin*

- me-*Wendy*Linda*Aitty (my fav. shot - credit to Tom for this nice pics-Thx!)




wendy said...

wei... tin tin, thanks for the nice pictures!!! great job! My mom said Aity looks a bit fat compare to last few years ago!!hahahahaha..... anyway, dont laugh at her lah, me too... :-/

TINTIN said...

Great that you like it dear...I will psot more to share with you and the bigger file I will copy them into a CD for you ^^