February 05, 2008

Parenting is...

Scary is
When you see your kids shout at their friends,
in the same way you shout at them,
in the same way your mother used to shout at you.

Beautiful is
When you see the warm soft sparkle in your child’s eye
As they talks about their most favourite thing in the whole WORLD, DISNEYLAND ~

Mind-numbing torture is
When you spend all day saying, please don’t touch that,
please don’t do that, please don’t say that,
please don’t stand on that, please just stop that,
please try eating this, please take another bite,
please take your bath, please say thank you,

Magical is
When your kids tells you a joke, and it’s actually funny.
As you laugh, they continue tells another one, and another one, until all rolling on the floor, crying from laughter.

Bleakness is
When, for days, you try and try and try and try
AND TRY your very best with a positive heart,
to battle with your children’s naughtiness, disobedience,
stubbornness, temper, anger, disrespect and appalling behaviour…
and absolutely nothing seems to change.

Tender is
When you kneel down, look your child in their eye
and say how sorry you are for being in a bad mood this morning, and he says “Aww mum, that’s ok. I still love you. Let’s just be happy ok?”

Precious is
When your kids throws their arms around you, and you both roll onto the bed, tickling, giggling, laughing, poking, bumping, hooting, bouncing, cuddling, cackling, twirling, and you just know deep inside you, that in another 5 years, this all might be “NOT A COOL THING TO DO”.

Panic is
When you wake up in the dead of night, to screams, cries, vomit, raging temperature, shouts, a soaking bed, blood… and you have no idea what to do.

Painful is
After waking up 8 times in the night and a trip to emergency hospital, you still have to get out of bed in the morning, make breakfast, pack lunches, send one child to school, entertain the other child, keep appointments, buy groceries, make dinner, pick up child from school, hang around for after school activities, bath children, feed children and bed children.

Pride is
When you hear your kids telling their friends that “Ants are the strongest creatures in the world. If they were big like humans, they could carry a bulldozer! Yeah! My mum told me that!”

Wisdom is
When you try to explain genetics and recessive traits to them and they just laughs at you.

Mind boggling is
When you watch your kids play and are struck with utter amazement. They are funny, friendly, unique, sociable, active, open, confident, smart, happy and healthy


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