February 25, 2008

Bread Crumbs Prawn

Today I want to share this simple yet tasty prawn recipe here with all of you. It's nice when served hot with some chili sauce. One of my kids favourite dishes and they love it...
Delicious & crispy...Yummy!
1/2kg medium size prawn
1/4packet Ottogi Bread Crumbs- (one packet can be use 4 times)

*this is how the bread crumbs look like*
*marinate the prawn with some salt, soy sauce and pepper* 2 medium size eggs*dip the marinated prawn into the beaten egg*
*and rolled the prawn with the bread crumbs before fried it in hot oil*

The Ottogi Bread Crumbs can be easily get in any supermarket. Try it...it's easy and very yummy~



Amy said...

looks so yummy! i wanna try this recipe of yours oeday:)

i think i've seen this bread crumbs in asian store here in our place. thank you for posting!

TINTIN said...

Ya, you should try it.. ^^

wendy said...

hello....next time, when you come to BM, I will give you some bread crumbs to bring home, i asked Tom to bring it here from US, it is seasoned with some italian herbs, it taste better, i like it better than Japanese bread crumbs.
I made some bread crumbs prawn to my sister, her kids finished it all just in second!! hahaha