January 25, 2008

My Nga - Ho Chi Minh

4th January, my hubby (Boon) and I bring our friend - My Nga from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to Penang. Reach there around 2pm and we called Sam out to bring us for the famous Penang Laksa and Char Koey Teow located at Penang Rd, very unlucky.. that day the char koey teow stall are closed that day. So, we changed our eating venue to Lorong Selamat...really bad luck, at Lorong Selamat the laksa stall closed in return so, we just got to eat the char koey teow and ais kacang. Each plate got 3 big size prawn and it tasted yummy..
After that we all go for shopping at Gurney Plaza. I didn't buy anything there and later on we meet up with one of my friend Chau and we hang out at Coffee Bean for some coffee. Sam bring Josephine out and together we have steamboat for dinner that night. After that, we go to a karaoke at Pulau Tikus to have some drinks and chill out.. We really hv a nice time together, it's been so long that we didn't go out together. Got to listen to Sam singing again..he is a good singer - Boon drink too much and he's drunk when we got home. We went home around 3.15am and I'm the driver. All the way home, Boon was sleeping like a pig. We reach home around 4.30am ... crazy ~ really tiring!
Josephine n Sam singing

Boon, smiling...so cute!

Jose & Sam

Sam Loo

Boon *
See the glasses with beer? He did it...hehe

he likes to hv his pictures taken when he is tipsy...lol ~

Josephine, XXX & Boon *

some close-up shots

Carlsberg Beer *

our friend from Ho Chi Minh - she is My Nga *

look,..what is my honey trying to do???

wow,... 3 glasses

kekeke,..he is so so free and boring, he manage to get four glasses at last..no bad yer?

We really have fun and enjoyed the night very much. I want to thanks Sam for bringing us to such a nice place...hohoho! Happy New Year ~

why didn't see me in the pic?? kekeke.. mmm,..most of my pic are blurred because non of my friends know how to use the DSLR


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