January 25, 2008

Where Is Sharlinie?

2 weeks have passed since 5 years old Sharlinie Mohd Nashar went missing when she is playing at the playground near her house. A few months back on September '07, 8 years old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin who was abducted and her body was found stuffed into a sport bag. I wonder, is Malaysia now still a safe place to stay ? How can we always follow our kids to everywhere they go or ask our kids to stay indoor all the time? I hope our police will really do their job this time to safe Sharlinie and arrest the crazy abductor !! . . .

Let us pray for Nini safe return and I hope police will continue searching for her as every minutes count, her life might be in danger. This the link of the missing Sharlinie

This is the photofit of the suspect kidnapper. He is also believe to the a "lelaki gila seks" a sex maniac. He got a nickname called Lelaki Kucing. He ask the girls to follow and help him to locate his cat before kidnapped them. KEEP OUR KIDS AWAY FROM THIS GUY !

Anyone who have information of where about of Sharlinie or "Lelaki Kucing". Please contact Mohd Nashar or Rakan Cop - 03-21159999 (KL) / 03-20529999 (PJ)

Reward for finding Sharlinie now stands at RM100,000.


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