January 25, 2008

This Is How Now Jia Yi Look Like

How time flies!! I still remember my sis in-law called me when she is on the way to the hospital giving birth to Jia Yi at that time. It was on 16th Sept last year and now her baby is celebrating her 1st birthday. Jia Yi has changed so much...from a not so pretty baby girl now to a cute and pretty girl. It's like so called "Ugly Duckling turn out to be a Beautiful Swan". I simply love her...with her cute and "blurr blurr" look...hehe~ she is lovely and I really enjoy watching her grown up and changed day by day. The last time when I saw her, she doesn't have double eye-lids and now u can see it ...."big eyes with double eyelids" !!

I shot those pics when I'm in KL. Change its colours to "Aged Photo Effect" using Adobe Lightroom. Simply love this kind of effect suited the feels in the pictures. Last time we all likes coloured pics...some of the old pics are painted just to get it coloured. But now, very convinient...we can use diffferent kind of photo software to get all kind of effect we want.
I hope you all will like it !

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