January 25, 2008

Leng Lui ~

~ It's been long time since I last visit my Friendster (a friend-link that i created long . . ago ~ hehe !) after link, link and link I found a cute and pretty face that very familiar to me . . . oh, she is my husband ex-employee,..lolx. Straight in my mind at that time, I want her to model for me. I leave message ask her to add me on MSN and we chatted the next day. She agree to be my model. Since Sunday is a public holiday for Kedah state, it's Kedah Sultan's 80th Birthday and we just fixed the photoshot on Sunday -20 Jan 2008.

Guess what? I manage to get few nice shot that day and she like the pictures I took for her very much. I'm happy that she like it and would like to thank her for being such a good model. She is very leng lui and very natural in front of camera too ! ^ ^


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