January 25, 2008

Soap Carving - Chiangmai, Thailand

Chiangmai, Thailand is a land of handicraft. Most of the people living there are mainly farmers and part of the women there they work on handicraft, to be sell at their night market to the tourist from all over the world and to be export overseas.

When I was there on November, I saw this interesting handicraft at their night market. That's this soap craving. The soap are nicely craft into different types of flowers and coloured. They put the finished crafted flower soap inside the handmade painted wooden box. Anyone of you can guess how much does it cost?? Here is some pictures to share with all of you..

This is only RM12
Do you believe the flowers are made from soap?

busy doing his soap carving ...

the small one with one flower only RM7

Don't forget to get one home when you visit Chiangmai


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