January 25, 2008

My Photography Trip - Cameron Highlands

I bought my first DSLR Canon 350D on May this year. Ever since then I was so much in love with photography.I've learn a lot thru the Photokaki Forum . Viewing the pictures in there and slowly learn the best composition for certain pics. And I've join a model shot trip to Cameron organised by Panda on 8 & 9th Sept 07.

Beside meeting a lot of new PK - photokaki members, this was also my first time to shot a model of other race and it was also my first time visit Cameron Highlands - it's very hot there not as cool as i think it should be. I have learned a lot and I get to try out few poisonous lenses ~hahaha! 50mmf1.4 - in my list too, 85mmf1.8, canon 10-22mm wide angle lens - in my wishlist, 80-200mmf2.8 - ya, i like this lens too and i get to hold Panda's 300mm bazooka lens .... that's great, yeah! hahaha...Really have a good fun time with the crowds and Eric teaches us the PS skills but due to my lack of knowledge in PS, I dun really understand what he is talking about and end up feeling sleepy but i try to hold it ...hahahaha p/s: it's not Eric talking nonsense but,.. it's me, my fault ehehe! Eric have done a great job. I have learn some editing tips from him. A little tips ald helps me a lot and my pic look greater now ~wohohoo..~~I post few pics in PK and Eric said I've improved a lot (hehehe...so happy to hear that) although i know i still have much to learn.

I want to try more difference kind of shooting...i just love the shot by JasonW - wide low angle + that kind of lighting, very nice hor? Dunno when I'm going to learn all that... ^^ We had BBQ dinner at Cameron....very nice - we got the chance to play fire hehehe.. the best part of the BBQ and cooking yeah. They like the BBQ lamb fat so much~ahaha , mmm..is that over-cooked black colour lamb fat tastes that nice??? ermm..a bit regret I didn't taste it that day.. ermm...oh gosh, i'm hungry
now..geez ~

P/S Posted some pics taken there above. Pictures courtesy by Eric, Katak and JasonW ~ Thanks!

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