February 07, 2009

Kids Random Shot

Besides the pictures of the Yummy food, I like to snapped pictures of children. I think they are most natural when facing the camera with many different kind of expression ~ happy, naughty, angry...etc~etc~

My niece & nephew - Jia Xin & Zhe Xhe
My princess - Xin Nin (she want to grown back her long hair)
My son & my eldest nephew - Kai Xen & Zhen Tao (playing games together)
This is how Jia Yi look like when she is hot ^ ^
Cute Jia Yi - my niece
Some candid of Jia Yi & my princess - Jou Nin at the background.
I like this shot of Jia Xin. Cute, right?


Kuntong said...

cute...vry cute..
happy CNY

Agnes said...

very cute!!

Yih Yann said...

The kids are very cute...I like kids too

Agnes Sim said...

wow...all pretty n handsome. ;-) Stil remember me? I have visit ur multiply b4.