February 20, 2009

Valentine's Present For Myself

This year Valentine's I don't have a candle light dinner, I don't get any roses, I don't received chocolates and I don't have a Valentine's present as well. All I got is only his voice in the phone wishing me "Honey, Happy Valentine !!" Oh well, it's more than enough for me, for his thought and I'm happy. In order to award myself for being a good wife and mother to my 3 kids ~ LOL!!! I bought this 3 recipes book for myself as my Valentine's present. This 3 books although it's not an expensive gift but I really like it. I'm now into making bread and I found this Bread Code recipes just interesting. When I browse through each and every page of this book. It makes me want to try out all their recipes with the nicely taken pics there. Makes my saliva dripping .... yumm! I also got myself a cheesecake recipes book and one book by Agnes Chang. I'm her fan and I already owned 3 of her previous recipe books. All these will be my good collection of recipe books.
My Valentine's Pressie !

My first ever bread recipe book. I'm still new in baking bread.

Mexico buns - this is my son's fav and I hope to bake for him one day!

I love to see how they decorate the cheesecake in this book.

You never went wrong following her recipe & instruction in her book but sometimes we have to reduce the amount of sugar stated there.

Yep!!! I CAN BAKE ~

P/S: Please visit COOKINGCRAVE to see what I've baked recently. Do leave some comments on what you think about it, ok? ^^



FAD MOM said...

wow those books look like they have good recipes... faster try them and share with me too okie

Yih Yann said...

Eveyday is a Valentines Day if you have someone you love beside you :)

giggle said...

they were my favorite books whenever I went to Popular, I didn't buy them because that would be too heavy for me to carry them from Penang to US. Since you got them, please try out the recipe and share with me, OK?? cheers!

SockPeng said...

"I don't have a candle light dinner, I don't get any roses, I don't received chocolates and I don't have a Valentine's present as well."

i also dun hv, but i enjoy, because some one love me

reanaclaire said...

so...amy..when are u issuing out invitations to us? i,for one, will love to come to try yr baking recipes..haha... dont forget me!

Agnes said...

hi Amy,
i got those book too and that the way i learn to bake cake and bread.

Happy baking!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy or TinTin?
Haha i prefer to call you TinTin, soundd cuter. I read your blog and find out you are really good at cooking and baking. I wonder where did you learn all this skill or you are born with it?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amy, thank you for coming over. Wow! You sure one attractive mother of 3 kids, *wink*.
And add your cooking expertise, your kids and hubby got a wonderful mom and wife.

And there is no spectacle on Earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for the people she loves.

Amy, keep a song in your heart and have a pleasant week. Keep well, best regards, Lee.

vialentino said...

next time i must learn how to bake lah...seems baking is very fun...

Clarissa said...

A Belated Happy Valentine greetings here,Tintin!! Please post them at your cookingcrave blog after trying the recipes,ok?!Surely it's mouth watering!!Yum!
btw,I love your photos--I bet your'e a pro!!^_^

Kikey Loo said...

getting more cook blog nowadays!

p/s: as usual, enjoy to see you nice nice photos!