June 18, 2010

Lunch At Alor Star Mall - Wah Tua Guan

Today I didn't cook. I spent my time to do some housework instead. I decided to bring my mother and my 3 kids to Alor Star Mall for some grocery shopping and have our lunch there. My 3 kids, the love to go shopping very much. We prefer window shopping more as I won't simply buy things that I don't really need. Wah Tua Guan Restaurant are quite famous with those who stay in Alor Star. The main restaurant are actually located near Jalan Putra and the one in Alor Star Mall is actually it's branch. I love the environment and the food they selling there. The price are reasonable too.

My son love the fried drumstick sold there.
My youngest daughter and my mum...
My elder daughter, she have fishballs cooked in tomato sauce.
Stop eating to pose for picture...lol ~
Oh gosh...!! School re-open soon and I notice that he must have his haircut already. Too long for Keat Hwa student.

Guess what?? Beside buying some softener for my laundry, MILO & some snacks - junkfood. I got myself a wallet that I have longed for so long. I will post the pics in my next post to show all of u.


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