January 01, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2(",)(",)7 !!!

This my first blog for year 2007. I wish all the best in year 2007, better economy, peaceful and less nature disasters. I hope all of us will be blessed with good luck and good health. Most importantly i hope my kids will grown up safely and healthy. I wish Zhen will get well soon, going to school like other children. Ya~ I hope the relationship between both my dad and mom in law getting better. No more argue, more peaceful...

Tomorrow Alice will be back from Bangkok, maybe tonight is my last night looking after Jia Yi..she is so cute...i will definitely miss her!! Today, I have bought some clothes for Alice's kids...the clothes for baby Jia Yi are just cute. Very small but cute, hope I can see her wearing it. Bought the Sesame's shirt n pant for Zhen. Hope he'll like it and a dress for Jia Xin.

Tomorrow school will reopen. I have to start my work again. LoL~ be a driver sending them to and off school. It's ok...I have got enough rest... LoL~

Emm..wanna sleep now, I'll write more next time.


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