June 22, 2007

Hey, I'm Back ! ! !

Friday : Sunny Day ^.^

It's been sometime that I stopped blogging....maybe when we are happy with our life we won't bother to blog. Yes, I'm not feeling that happy nowadays...easily shed tears, I just feel that I'm not as strong as I think. Sometimes I think..., how much I understand him?? Been married for a decade but I felt that I don't really understand him much. He don't know how I wished that I can have more things to share with him...my happiness and sadness but, it seems like this few years we talked less and less...and I started to feels that he is totally out of my world already. We both just like live in different world although we stays under one roof. He got nothing much to talk to me not have to mention to care for me anymore. I don't know what he is doing outside with his group of friends. I don't know who he is going out with. I don't know how is he going on lately. How I always hope I can find back my husband that I knew 10 years ago. We've got so much to talk about, a caring boyfriend and a loving husband. He seems to know our problems but he never try to work out the solutions together. Now I'm really in doubt...., can I carry on my life like this forever alone? Luckily, I still have 3 lovely kids to fill up my lonely days....my beloved parents come to visit me everyday, my lovely sis-in law and my love for photography. I can't imagine my life without them by my side. For now, I just wish my kids are happy and healthy. I hope they'll lead a good life in future...

That's what I always pray for them.

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