March 24, 2008

My New Look

I was in salon today for hair rebonding. I've been with the curly long hair for more than 2 years and I think it's time for me to get some changes. At first, I wanted to straighten and cut my hair short (the short bob,..I love it!). But after the rebonding my hair look very flat and it will not look nice if I cut it short now.

The hairstylist advise me to wait another 3 months before I go for the shorter hairstyles. By the time my hair already grown out and it won't be that flat anymore. I permed and dyed it too often ~*duh* My hair are very dry, damaged and got splits end. The hairstylist trimmed away 3 inch of my hair ~*sob* before he do the rebonding for me. So now, I'm a happy mommy with smooth and silky, shorter hairstyles ~ *love it!!!* ...yeah ~

mine only 3 hour miracle...^^

This is one pic of my latest look...hehe~ Trying to act CUTE (have you all seen "lau ee" act cute???) I just realise that I really bad in taking self-potrait. I was totally out of compo and most of the pics turn out blur as I switch off the flash..I don't like flash in pictures... hehe~ Yeah!! this pic is specially dedicated to my friend HELEN.



W_W_H said...

wow, look so different!!!


Kok said...

Hi tintin,
First time dropping by. :)

Wow! You lau ee? Are you cheating me? Haha! I swear you look good in your new hairstyle! Pretty pretty!:)

Rabbit said...

omg u are a mom of 3 kids and yet still look so young?!!!

i think i look even older than u already. uwaaaaaaaaa!

Farah Deen said...

tintin, believe it or not???? I was supposed to get my hair straightened today too, but I forgot the saloon closes on tuesdays, so, will be going tomorrow afternoon!

me too going for rebonding tomorrow- the back hair is already not very srtaight!!!

and, hey, you do look pretty in that pic! :)

Sweetiepie said...

It's been several years i didn't straigthen my hair.You got a totally fresh look .:)

Eddie Wong said...

look so much different from last time. now look more younger and cute