March 21, 2008

Mom & Dad, I Love You!!

Mommy, I love you...yes, I love you... I might not be your good girl, might not follow all that you have taught me, might at times argue with you on certain things but deep inside I know without you I'm like in a dark room without any source of light. You're my sunshine, my light bulb, my everything... I love you mommy, thanks for everything !!!

Daddy, we argue all the time over small things...and at the end you're the one who will From here you all should know how stuborn is my daddy ya ^.^ but, I still respect him, love him and wanted to thank him for being by my side all this years to guide me, taught me and support me in any way. Ya, I love you daddy, always!!

Mom & Dad, I LOVE U !

I can't repay the lessons
That you taught when I was small.

Or give you gift for gift
The daily treasures I recall...

I can't return encouragement
And loving words of praise.

In quite the way you did for me
Through all my childhood days.

But there is one gift that I can give,
It's all the love you've earned.

For love is what you always taught...
And love is what I learned.

"Mom & Dad, Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel!!
Without you both I don't know who I am and where I will be now"

Thank you & I love you forever ~

When Parents Become Friends

As a child
I sought your
Guidance and strength
To help me find happiness in life.
Now as an adult
I walk
Beside you
And find happiness in sharing
Your understanding
Your love and
Your friendship.

Thank you & I love you forever ~

My Very Special Parents Mom and Dad

I may no longer be that little child who always
Wanted another hug or minute with you
But I still miss you when we are apart.

I may no longer need your hand for every step I take
But I still need your acceptance and support of everything I do.

I may not be that little child who asked
For all the things I ever wanted in the world
But that's because long ago you taught me
How to go after my dreams.

I may no longer be that little child who
Looked to you to share every hurt, smile and tear
But I still feel like that child whenever I think of you...

I'll always love you, Mom and Dad,
With the heart of that little child
Grown to love you only more.

Thank you & I love you forever ~


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ratu syura said...

Aww.. this is such a sweet post!! It's my first time here and I love your blog.. Will add you to my google reader! ;)