March 15, 2008

Monkeys At Penang Botanical Garden

I drive to Penang yesterday with my parents and my kids. My hubby is still in Vietnam and today he'll be in Ho Chi Minh before he head back to Malaysia on this Wednesday or Thursday. We stay overnight at my brother house in Penang. Since my kids haven't really see and feed the monkey before, so I bring them to see monkey at the Botanical Garden today.

Since now we are not allowed to feed the monkeys inside the Botanical Garden, less monkeys show up. But, there is one location halfway to the Botanical Garden which have a lot of monkeys and many people will stop-by there to feed the monkeys. My kids get to experience feed the monkey with peanuts. They are really excited to see so many monkeys at one time. Different sizes and all over the trees there. We have great time there, feeding the monkeys and taking pictures together with my parents, my brother and his wife.

Even though the weather are hot but, we enjoy ourselves so much and I promise to bring them to visit the monkeys again when they have school holidays ^.^ Here is some pics shot by me~

waiting for the peanuts*
naughthy monkey *
still waiting for more peanut *
posing for the pics ...
um,..peanut or banana??
eating peanut ^.^
one of the old monkey there~
baby monkeys*
female monkey ...
male monkey ..hehe~
different spesis - smaller size monkey *
he bully the small monkey~ naughthy!!!
cute monkey ~ very small size *_*
get ready to catch the peanut*
waiting for more peanut ^.^

Monkeys are smart, active and can be dangerous also...they'll snatch our bags and, becareful when you feed or take their pictures. Love to see them...swinging from one branch to another branch ~


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