March 23, 2008

10 Recent Things That Made Me Happy

I was tagged by Emjei today. Thanks for this taggy!! and this is my very first tag in my Blog...

These are the 10 things that recently made me happy


  1. With the life I’ve got today, that I’m still alive and breathing.

  2. Everybody is in good health ~ this is the most important...

  3. Finally I got myself the lens I've longed for so long, the Canon 70-200f2.8L yeepee~

  4. Seeing my hubby working real hard in Vietnam, although I miss him very much.

  5. When I look back at the old pictures and realise that all my 3 kids have really grown up (I miss their cute baby face)

  6. To cook for my family and watch them eating happily.

  7. My husband is back home soon... Can't wait to see him this Tuesday, he is in KL now.

  8. I started to earn some pocket money from my photography hobby.

  9. I get to know a group of nice friends in which is really crazy and funny.

  10. That I got enough food to eat, got enough clothes to wear, got my own car, a comfortable house to stay, got enough money to spent (although I still have many things in my wishlist, hehe~) & lastly, been able to online to chat and to blog. I really feel blessed, thank Buddha!


I’d like to pass this taggie to the following leng luis :

"You don't need to know everything in Life, just the things you need to be Happy"



Farah Deen said...

tintin, those are very great things which make you happy. and the best is knowing that your husband is back in KL and you will get to see him very soon. congratulations on your new lens too, looks like your hobby has turned into a money making hobby- great! :)keep happy and keep smiling...:) said...

Great to see you have a positive living. yeah stay happy!

Farah Deen said...

tintin, I thought my name wasn't there when I read this tag, now it's there? heheheheh or maybe I didn't notice it earlier. I will get it done now, and will publish it in my awards and meme blog ok? :) btw, there are awards and another meme waiting for u in my other blog. bring a huge suitcase- the awards might be heavy! LOL

cibol said...

hey there. thanks for dropping by my blog. so you read kopi soh also ya? he he he .. good la. shjall visit u more often after i get my internet back

Farah Deen said...

tintin, I did it! :) It's in my main blog- not meme blog. I enjoyed doing it. makes me smile:)

by the way, are you in Kedah? AS? I am in penang, we are not far away huh.

Farah Deen said...

hi again, I'd like to add you to my blogroll so that it's easier for me to visit you. :) Hope it's ok ya?

Ping Ping said...

although u did not tag me, I think I am going to do it. Will put it up when I reach home.

We often think of the bad things happening to us, we totally forget to be grateful. Times like these will give us chance to look back at our lives, smile and be happy to be around.

Perhaps we should make it a monthly thing. To express the happy things happened to us the entire month. =P

Syari said...

hi there, came through farah's blog. :D