March 02, 2008

Happy Birthday To U!

Xin Nin turn 7 on 28th February. I bought 2 cakes for her that day.., why 2?? Um, is to celebrate with her at home and the other I let Jou Nin bring it to her tuition teacher's house to give her a surprise and let her celebrate it with her friends there.

I didnt bring her out for dinner as it rains non-stop that day and she also got tuition that night. As the exam is around the corner, I didnt want my kids to "ponteng" their tuition. I will replace her birthday dinner after my hubby has back from Hanoi. Xin Nin, mommy still owe you a birthday dinner ya!!! ^^
My kids love the "chocolate mousse" from Sayang Cake House
* Xin Nin with her birthday cake*
Love always,

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