March 12, 2008

Happy Moments

It's a one week school holidays for the kids...and my sister in law from KL come to visit me. Today, we decided to bring the kids for a picnic at the Sik waterfall (about one and half hours drive from Alor Star town). The weather are just nice today, not too hot. The sound of the waterfall are so relaxing, the water there are so cold and the air there are so fresh...mmm ^.^

The kids enjoy themselves so much..., I can see the happiness shines out through their face. A picture says a thousand words. Here is the 'Happy Moments' I captured to share with all of you.

I wish all of you HAPPY ALWAYS!!

omg!! omg!!.. the water are so so COLD!!!
ah...!! the water are so strong!!~(on the left with shirt is Zhen my nephew) Alice(my sis-in law)
Jia Xin(my niece)with the maid Ah Kin(my bro-in law) ahhh!~ no eye see !!!
why are the girls so happy?
hahaha~ cute Jia Yi(my niece)
come on, let the water splash your head ^.^ (my son-Xen)
mmm, it so much~ (my girl-Xin Nin)
wow, so fun ..!!! (my girl-Jou Nin)
mommy, I found a dead fish .. >"< "um,..i'm hungry now" ~

This is the 'Happy Moment' I have with my kids, my nephew and my nieces today~

Happy - Happy Moments


kang yong said...

I saw the cute Jia Yi again.. hehe.. Honestly I really love babe.. they are so cute and I like their smile!

W_W_H said...

u do have good photojournalisim... very good work... way to go tintin... ;)

院长 said...

happy moments..
in this holidays,i didn't go out =.=

TINTIN said...

Thank you!

The Horny Bitch said...

Hi Amy, thanks for dropping by. You have very beautiful kids. I wish I'll have kids as beautiful someday... Cheers to happy moments.. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey.... u got many nice pic!!!! love all the picture u took.....
really fantastic!

TINTIN said...

Thank you for liking it!!