March 04, 2008

Finally...I get this lens !!

Since November last year I have been thinking of getting a tele lens to complete my lens range of the Canon 50mmf1.8 and Tamron 17-50mmf2.8. All the while, I've been poisoned by this 70-200mmf2.8L lens after I got the chance to try-out Eric's lens when I joined them for the Cameron Highland's model shot trip.

But, later on because of the price of this lens and as you all know, this lens are really huge and heavy. I started to change my mind to the smaller version of this lens 70-200f4L IS in which I get a lot of con comments from my photography friends, most of them advise me to go for the f2.8L non-IS if the price are concern compare with this f4L IS.

In between, I also think of getting the Canon 85mmf1.8 or the best potrait L lens 135mmf2L. But that's only for potrait shots and I can't use the lens for other purpose like events which I might need to use it in future. Finally, I get this lens today from GYHSIN Online Store and I really can't wait they courier it to me. ^.^

Canon 70-200f2.8 L (pic grabbed from internet)
Canon 70-200mm f2.8L - my first Canon L lens (pic not taken by me)

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