March 05, 2008

  • I'm very very excited and can't wait to see my baby tomorrow. Time passed really slow especially when we waiting for someone or something we love or truly like. arrrhhh~
  • Today I hv no mood at all, my mind and soul already fly to KL. Thinking of the lens only,..hahahha ai, mood to blog also and I dunno what I'm writing already.
  • In my mind only the 70-200f2.8L ...I'm thinking of this baby~
  • The last SMS I got from Mr. Lee of YGHSIN Online Store saying "Lens tested! no problem. Already packing wait for skyNET collect. Track no: xxx xxxxx xxx x. Thanks.
  • Can't wait for the lens to arrived...hehe!!!

1 comment: said...

You will love the 2.8 range :) It's a heavier lens then the smaller brothers. Have to get use to it. Pump some iron first ;).

Looking forward for some photos taken by u with it